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Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. OUT of UN

by Alex Newman, The New American:

Citing wasted tax dollars and attacks on the constitutionally guaranteed liberties of the American people, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.; shown) introduced a bill to restore U.S. sovereignty and withdraw from the United Nations. The effort to de-fund and exit the UN comes amid growing scrutiny of the global organization, often ridiculed as the “dictators club,” and myriad mega-scandals swirling around it. However, despite ever-growing support in Congress for restoring U.S. sovereignty by withdrawing from the UN over the years, the legislation still faces an uphill battle.

In a statement last week announcing the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015 (H.R. 1205), Rep. Rogers noted that many of his constituents in East Alabama would likely agree with his position that U.S. government participation in the UN should end immediately. “The U.N. continues to prove it’s an inefficient bureaucracy and a complete waste of American tax dollars,” the congressman said, echoing widespread concerns about the international outfit expressed across America and worldwide.

“Why should the American taxpayer bankroll an international organization that works against America’s interests around the world?” asked Rep. Rogers. “The time is now to restore and protect American sovereignty and get out of the United Nations.” He cited attacks on U.S. liberties as a key motivation for the legislation.

Several other liberty-minded congressmen have also sponsored the legislation including constitutionalist Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Rep. John Duncan (R-Tenn.), Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Ga.), and Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.). A previous bill to withdraw from the UN introduced in the last Congress by then-Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) garnered nine co-sponsors. With the regime ruling Communist China increasingly taking a leading role at the UN, among numerous other concerns, opposition to the global body is expected to continue growing.

If approved, the legislation would repeal the UN Participation Act of 1945 and shutter the U.S. government’s mission to the outfit. It would also “terminate all membership by the United States in the United Nations, and in any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations.” That specifically includes UNESCO, which President Ronald Reagan withdrew from, along with the World Health Organization, the UN Environment Program (UNEP), and more. It would end all U.S. involvement in all UN conventions and agreements, too.

The proposed law, introduced in numerous legislative session of Congress in recent decades, would also end all funding to the UN and all of its agencies — with the estimated savings to taxpayers reaching into the billions per year, and potentially even more. The legislation also aims to end all U.S. military involvement in UN military “peacekeeping” schemes and ban U.S. troops from serving under UN command. Finally, the bill would seek to evict the UN and its dictator-infested headquarters from U.S. soil. It would also ban any use of American government facilities by the global outfit, while stripping UN bureaucrats and dignitaries of diplomatic immunity.

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4 comments to Congressman Mike Rogers Introduces Bill to Get U.S. OUT of UN

  • Christine

    Now that’s an idea…

    You’ve paid taxes for how long? Do you know where they went? I mean… truly?

    We all know this is the joke of the century.

    Transparency without accountability for how much was spent in wars, why the deficit, who paid for 15 years of insanity, what happened to zero-point energy for 100 years, where is the result of our taxpayer-funded research, why do we have to pay for oil, why did Rockefeller fudge academic knowledge, etc.

    Worse yet: why did our parents and grandparents slave so much as to instill in us the fear of lack that NEVER should have existed, except for a handful intent on depriving us of the bare necessities of life?

  • d

    Sure would be a good question for both parties wanna be presidents…….PS NO Christian should ever accept anything the UN says or stands for….for they as an organization are…ANTI GOD…and only consider themselves relevant and all knowing….imho

  • W. Elam

    If it is the UN who is behind all the Chemtrails and Bio-engineering going on then I say kick the bastards out of here. Tell them to hell with their Agenda 21 and their plans to put UN troops onto our streets.

  • Rep Rogers knows this will not go through so he proposed it at the end of his career to profit from the white/patriot movement in the private sector. If he was in the CIA he was most likely a master freemason at least. Take it from me, a jew, freemasonry is a jewish fraterity with big ties to the feds. Many patriotic websites are CIA fronts to identify, categorize, monitor, and if necessary goad or frame a citizen for expressing anti-american viewpoints that could be determined treason under the patiot act. Be carefull of expressing your anti-govt views as your IP, MAC, address can be legally obtained and monitored by your ISP under Federal authority (patiot act) if they (feds) wish to do so legally.

    I used to be 32nd degree freemason and former govt sys/sdmin and I can tell you truthfully that the freemasonic fraternity has ruined my life. No wonder the first third pary political party in America was the anti-freemasic party. Nothing has changed. If you can’t print your own money you are not a free country. If America is to truly be free, it begins by not renewing or cancelling the central bank charter like Lincoln and Jackson and Kennedy did.

    Mr. Rogers could be a contemporary “McFadden” if he truly was going against the powers that be and be killed for it (poisoned like McFadden was) or “soft killed” or “suicided”, but I imagine he is now a mole or plant under the guise of patriot. If hed doesn’t end up like the aforementioned presidents or McFadden, or William Cooper, you can be pretty darn sure he is still CIA Cointel as all agents will tell you “you don’t leave the CIA”. I know this is true. So should you.

    God bless America.,

    Blackballed/impoverished/life threatened/vandalized/targeted individual/american citizen,

    Shlome R.

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