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China Buys U.S. Companies at RECORD RATE! Threatens U.S. Dollar!

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to China Buys U.S. Companies at RECORD RATE! Threatens U.S. Dollar!

  • Randy

    Say you worked out in your fields all year long, tending to and raising up your crops and then harvested them when the time came. Or you did something else that involved lots of your time and labor. Then someone comes along and buys your stuff, but gives you a fake medium of exchange for it. Don’t you then have the right to go back to them and demand the return of your stuff, or to be paid for it with a REAL medium of exchange, something that has an equal amount of human labor attached to it as your stuff does?
    So how can anyone say with a straight face that they have bought something, when a fake medium of exchange was used in the transaction?? Fiat paper currencies and electronic bookkeeping entries are NOT bona fide mediums of exchange!! ONLY something which has a proven amount of human labor invested in it can ever be such a thing.

  • docno

    China buys US companies with US dollars and that is what you called fake medium — fiat paper.
    Shrewdness of business has no boundaries, it often sacrifices its employees for profit or lifesaver.
    Most Americans don’t realize or refuse to believe that all US corporations are under Rothschild’s jurisdiction. All western banks are the Dynasty’s entity controlled by the Federal Reserve. It’s a global turnkey system bar-none!

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