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CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM: Massive Corruption Exposed

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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2 comments to CDC, VACCINES and AUTISM: Massive Corruption Exposed

  • Kakistocracy

    What could go wrong with putting Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminum, Aborted Human Fetal DNA and other associated crap into a vial that will be injected into a human infant’s bloodstream ?

    What could go wrong when you allow a revolving door between Big pHARMeutical and the FDA (Federal Death Agency) ?

    What could go possibly go wrong ?

    How about an increase in Autism rates
    from 1 in 10,000 (1970s)
    to 1 in 80 (now)

  • Christine

    Fighting Big Pharma is a daily, uphill battle I fought for years for my own kid and my parents before me fought for us, their children. We cannot win the war but we can win major battles until our children’s immune system can fight some of those chemicals. Infants’ can’t.

    Delay vaccinations as much as feasible (i.e., until the kids are due to be enrolled in school). That means keeping kids out of daycare. It was doable 60 years ago when one salary could feed a family. Much more difficult nowadays. Not impossible but very difficult and it requires surrounding ourselves with people with the same mindset.

    Allow kids to contract what was called “childhood diseases”, understood for millenia as some rite of passage, so that they develop natural antibodies. Once the kids do have antibodies, no MD will impose vaccines for those diseases since the purpose for them was to promote the creation of antibodies in the first place. The problem is that, since most babies have received shots since infancy, the probability of our kids contracting naturally through contagion those childhood diseases is getting more and more remote. Besides, kids used to play outdoors. They no longer do. They are not exposed to nature, to their peers, to anything necessary for them to develop a solid immune system.

    Delay schooling… but that too is becoming increasingly more difficult. An increasing number of states make it more difficult on parents to home school. Nowadays, even the Amish people once protected from government tyranny have caved in on vaccinations, even though they do school their kids.

    Uphill battle but, even when the kids finally HAVE to get some of the shots, we can minimize and/or eliminate most of the injected toxins. Not optimal but better than nothing. The key is in doing it.

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