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Canada Sells ALL GOLD

from Junius Maltby:

Canada is selling all of its gold. Welcome to the Junius Maltby Channel where we discuss a historical and important time for Canadians. This is a paving stone on the road to ruin Canada. Prepare yourselves, buy your own physical gold as insurance against the impending devaluation of your worthless fiat paper. The destruction of your currency is now unavoidable. UNAVOIDABLE.

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5 comments to Canada Sells ALL GOLD

  • KRELL427

    BS their gold was gone a long time ago. Canada like England gave their gold away in 2000 at the botton. How convenient. Here is anoyher article from 2011

    • Eric

      Somebody remind me why I should believe the U.S. still has their some 8,133 tons stored mostly in Fort Knox? The Gold has all gone to the east. Nobody in the west will be backing their currency with Gold.

    • Ed_B

      Canadian miners have been bringing a LOT of gold up out of the ground since the massive gold sell-off in 2000-2001, so it’s not like they only had a fixed supply and never another oz.

      Agree that they have sold a lot, which makes a lot of Indians and Chinese happy. A few of us Americans too. 🙂

      Sheesh… was it really all that long ago when the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US$? Look at the poor thing now. It’s, what, 72 US cents now? Any Canadians who bought gold when their dollar was at parity or better with the US$ are happy campers now.

      But for a REAL look at a dying currency, check out the Venezuelan Bolivar sometime. The official exchange rate is about 6.4 Bolivars to the US$, while the street exchange rate is more like 700 Bolivars to the US$. That nation is in deep DEEP trouble.

  • KRELL427

    Can’t wait to hear how much gold China and Russia really have one day.Then how worthless fiat ponzi paper is in the next sentence.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, that would be good to know. But there is something else that I REALLY want to know… and that is, at what price would China and Russia sell some gold on the international market? THAT will tell us what the REAL price of gold is and not the paper BS price we have in NY and London.

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