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Brandon Smith: The Controlled Demolition of Our Economy

from The Daily Coin:

People need to ask an important question – Why would the Fed hike interest rates in the first place when no one ask them to do it? Why would they do that? ~Brandon Smith, The Daily Coin

I wanted to sit down with Brandon Smith, Alt-Market, for a very specific reason. Brandon is one of very few people that stuck to his analysis and said the Federal Reserve would in fact raise interest rates in December 2015. Not only did he say that the interest rate rise would happen, he predicted almost the exact date. Brandon made this prediction in August 2015 based on his analysis of what the global banksters have published, have said publicly and proven time and again through their actions they do what they say when they say they are going to do it.

This was an important interest rate adjustment, at a very important time. Our world is floating on an ocean of debt. The global economy is either in a recession or full blown depression. It is not in recovery nor will it be in recovery ever again. The dollars days are numbered and the American economic and financial systems days are numbered. Are you prepared for the transition into a new currency, a new economic system and a new way of life?

This is not me being overly dramatic. If you have been following “alternative” news, the liberty movement and preparedness news, this is exactly what we have been discussing for the past several years. It is here and it is happening right now. Are you prepared for a new way of life? Are you prepared for widespread panic, widespread civil unrest and widespread rioting in your neighborhood?

Brandon’s call on the Fed raising the interest rates was a reminder of the Fed’s mandate – steal all the wealth of the nation, kill the host nations economy and move to the next system. This is accomplished through federal level policies that are instituted through the U.S. Treasury and made into law by Congress. The lies and corruption that go along with these policies is how these criminals are able to convince societies masses that our economy is in perfect health with rainbow spewing unicorns as far as the eye can see. Once a person simply scratches the surface it becomes all too clear the bank robbers are running the banks.

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1 comment to Brandon Smith: The Controlled Demolition of Our Economy

  • Kakis

    Excellent summary of the Satanic-Rothschild-Khazarian-Parasitic Elite’s goal:

    More centralized power
    More concentrated power
    Both Financial and Legal power
    Resulting in
    One World Currency
    One Monetary System
    One Legal System
    One World Government
    And One Ring in the darkness to bind them…

    The real problem is the Rothschild-Rockefeller owned FEDERAL RESERVE.

    We need to obliterate all privately held central banks.

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