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Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls Government Overreach “Chilling”

from Outsider Club:

Three cheers for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook.

He has told the United States government — and particularly the FBI and IRS — to shove it. And on multiple fronts.

First, he has stood up to the notion that Apple should pay more in taxes because it keeps $200 billion offshore. Cook commented on 60 Minutes in December that his company “pays more taxes in this country than anyone.”

And that the notion that Apple is “engaged in a scheme” to pay fewer taxes, according to the government, “is total crap.”

Perhaps more important is Apple’s willingness to stand up to the government when it comes to the protection and privacy of its users’ data.

Apple has so far refused to hand over access to its customers’ encrypted texts and emails to the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.

Tim Cook, referring to data like your financial apps and pictures has flat out said: “You should have the ability to protect it.” And that: “We [Apple] will give the specific information it (the government) requests,” if they get a warrant he says.

It isn’t a trade-off between the government getting all data and the terrorists winning, is Tim Cook’s position.

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1 comment to Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls Government Overreach “Chilling”

  • willygroper

    this is the biggest marketing ploy i’ve ever seen. iphone numbers are way down at foxCON. AAPL has carried the market.

    there’s already a backdoor for the spooks.

    with biometrics what do you think they’re doing with the data on any protester?

    can you say roundup?

    what a load of bullbutter.

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