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Apparently, Fleeing the City During A Crisis for Rural Shelter Is “Treason”

from Truthstream Media:

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2 comments to Apparently, Fleeing the City During A Crisis for Rural Shelter Is “Treason”

  • Rob C

    No problem
    They do not charge anybody with treason anymore.
    Look at the House,Senate,President they are all just burning up the country and its wealth
    Ripping everyone off and killing at will, by decree with a smile.

    That smile makes it ok you know.. laugh,joke,have a good time,get some propaganda video`s together, take all kinds of luxurious trips and vacations,jet and limo about,live like a fricken king in your fricken kingdom When you retire you can steal all the furniture the extorted taxpayer paid for too!

    Total,Epic,Biblical evil,sick,twisted maggots, the worms of death these supposed
    leaders of This country.

    If they charged anyone for treason, those listed above would be the first places to look and charge with textbook accuracy the very definition of treason.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton being charged would be a good way to finally get right with the law.

    Lets see if the law is just or just blind.

  • AgShaman

    There is a proper way (for a back-up plan) to egress the city. It includes outside parties. I won’t explain it here, and in front of the enemy, but people should think outside the box on this one.

    This subject is so under-studied it’s scary.

    It’s developing into something half-way between Orwell and Huxley. Your body will become someone else’s property if you do not know how to un-incorporate from your Strawman with verbal skills.

    Strange days are upon us. You will find the “mission” of the political apologists, including the 4th Branch, in the latter pages of Silent Weapons FQW

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