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Andrew Hoffman – End of the Fed and the Gold Cartel

from Financial Survival Network:

Wipe out Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

PMI down to 49.8 just minutes ago, way below expectations of 53.7. Jack Lew says no crisis response, right…

End of the stock, high-yield, and commodity “dead cat bounce” – and the beginning of the “end game.”

Tonight’s “most important conference call ever” – from David Stockman.

Cashless society, BrExit, and the approaching age of draconian, Orwellian government.

Looming PM shortages, as demand has exploded higher in recent weeks
Etc., etc.

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3 comments to Andrew Hoffman – End of the Fed and the Gold Cartel

  • Windrunner56

    Andy is on fire!!! Love it. No one will ever say he has no passion. I hope he 100% right on his gut feeling too. We need to end this charade and start over.

    Got your metals?? Bitcoin?? Provisions?? Weaponry of choice??

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Got your metals?? Bitcoin?? Provisions?? Weaponry of choice??

      Ain’t got me no BitCoin, but I do gots me a BitGOLD account and already put some money in it, and letting the HONG KONG (China) vault hold my gold OUTSIDE of the USSA Kleptocracts greedy hands.

      Provisions? Pantry filled up?= Check.
      Weaponry? Check
      Silver? Check
      Filled the gas tank? Check.
      Spare gas? Check.
      Garden ready and plenty of seeds and fertilizers? Check.
      Solar panels in stock? Check (have to get off my ass and do the work.)
      Kerosene & heater & lamps? Check.
      Water well? Check.
      Car updated & repaired? Check.
      Got my ass in shape? Nope. Haha.

  • john

    I tried to open a Bitgold acoount,it’s impossible.They gave me a number over the phone to activate my account,tried twice and failed,trouble is,you only have five minutes to register,the number,it may have taken longer than that to send it,fucking ridiculous.But getting back to the metals,how long have we been hearing supply is tight,at least two years,basically,it doesn’t matter a fuck,these cunts can take the price down any time they choose,TPTB are only toying with us,giving us false hope.

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