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5 Things That Could Lead to the Next Global Recession!

from The Money GPS:

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2 comments to 5 Things That Could Lead to the Next Global Recession!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Things that can lead to a DEPRESSION?

    1. Wall Street Jewish money changers & Banksters.
    2. Other money changers and DEBT sellers.
    3. The FED & IRS, Congress, White House.
    4. Taxes, Fees, and Fines.
    5. Paper money, paper investments.
    Things that FIGHT a Depression.

    1. GOLD & Silver money.
    2. No Debts, not private debts, no bank debts and no government debts.
    3. Real jobs, manufacturing, good pay for the common man.
    4. Gardens big enough to FEED your family all year long.
    5. Solar panels, water well, septic tank, more gardens (not over the septic tank), wood burning stove, gasoline free transport (bike).
    6. Raising some chickens, rabbits, goats, etc, for eggs, milk & meat.

    My neighbor and me, have discussed the extreme savings plan, of installing (in a shallow trench), a 50 Amp electrical wire between our homes, and putting our own METER on it, and sharing the electricity going into ONE house, and ELIMINATING the meter (and FEES) from the other house. We will figure out how much the 2nd meter guy pays, and since our METER FEES are $26 / month, we will each save $13 / month.

    We would ALSO run an ETHERNET cable underground (Cat 5), and share the internet connection, and split the savings of canceling one internet account.

    Our internet (rural area), we get only DSL (3Mb/sec), but pay about $60 per month for that service. So, if we “share-split”, we will each be saving $30 per month.

    Since we both have a private water well & septic tank, there is no way to save money on water that is free but for the electric motor pump.

    The BAD news? It’s hard to watch STREAMING TV at such restricted bandwidth. I’m ok with 3Mb/sec, but half of that would cause a lot of “buffering”.

    But if things get THAT bad, the grids may all be shut down anyway. No power, no data, no cell service.

    Keep STACKIN’.

  • Ed_B

    Sounds like quite a plan, Craig. Just be aware that power and cable companies are likely to see this as fraud, should they ever catch wind of it. Not sure what they would do at that point but the options do not seem pleasant.

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