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How Sugar Keeps You Trapped in a Cycle of Addiction

from Ready Nutrition:

I admit it: I’m a little bit addicted to the stuff.
I know it’s terrible for my health, but sometimes I need a fix.

And…the more I have, the more I want.

I used to believe that I was weak…that I simply lacked willpower.

But, lately, I feel a bit vindicated: mounting evidence is showing that the tiny white crystals are VERY addictive.

Sugar is found nearly everywhere. It is in approximately 75 percent of packaged foods purchased in the United States.

The average American consumes anywhere from a quarter to a half pound per day.

Did that sink in?

If so, you probably think I’m terrible at math, or that I made a typographical error.

As outrageous as consuming up to a HALF POUND of sugar per day sounds, it is entirely possible – and common.

It is equal to about 30-60 teaspoons of sugar in a 24 hour period. Still seem like it would be hard to consume that in one day? Well, consider that ONE 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola contains 39 grams of sugar and 140 calories. And every single calorie comes from…sugar. Four grams of sugar equals one teaspoon, so ONE can of soda contains almost 8 teaspoons of sugar. Cranberry, pomegranate, grape, and orange juice contain 48 to 63 grams of sugar per 12 ounces…which is 9.6 to 12.6 teaspoons of sugar per serving. 

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13 comments to How Sugar Keeps You Trapped in a Cycle of Addiction

  • Christine

    Candida NEEDS sugar to develop and once it has overtaken someone’s body, it causes sugar endless sugar craving.

    Most morbidly obese people are loaded with it. That would be… 35% of the American population. 75% if we count all overweight people.

    Symptoms of excess Candida in the digestive tract include digestive discomfort (gas, bloating, diarrhea), fatigue, headache, muscle and joint pain, blocked sinuses, sugar cravings, recurrent vaginal yeast infections, recurrent urinary tract infections, depression, foggy head and poor concentration, food and chemical sensitivities and sleep problems. This is quite a long list.

    The worst consequence of the development of Candida infection is leaky gut syndrome. If there are high levels of Candida growing in your digestive tract, they compromise the structural integrity of your gut lining. This means your gut becomes more permeable than it should be; allowing high levels of toxins naturally present in the bowel to gain access to your bloodstream. Leaky gut syndrome is a forerunner to allergies, food intolerance, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune disease. Not everyone with a leaky gut will develop one of these problems; some people just feel sick and tired their entire life but never develop one of these illnesses.

    • Eric

      But Christine,

      I like sugar. Just don’t let the bee’s get it.

      • Eric

        You know what is good for Candida is that Allicin C I keep raving about. The allicin seems to kill all bad bacteria quickly. A little colloidal silver doesn’t hurt either.3

    • chuck

      Yes Christine, you have succinctly outlined the biggest health problem facing the American people. Cancer, heart disease, obesity and arthritis (among other diseases) can in many people, be traced back to the over consumption of sugar.

      • Christine

        And diabetes. 16% of the US population. Here are 2013 numbers but they have increased a lot since. Couldn’t find the current statistics but one of the docs I work with was showing me a recent AMA report stating that, in the US, it has reached nearly 20%.
        “Africa is the region with the lower prevalence of diabetes (4.9%), having Réunion (15.4%), Seychelles (12.1%) and Gabon (10.7%) as the top three countries with higher prevalence and 10 out of 48 countries with prevalence of diabetes higher than the upper quartile (6.3%) prevalence.

        Europe has 56 million people with diabetes (8.5%) having Turkey in the upper extreme of prevalence of diabetes with 14.9%, four percentage points higher that Montenegro (ranked #2) with 10.1% of prevalence.

        In North America and Caribbean, Belize (15.9%), Guyana (15.8%) and Curacao (14.5%) are the top three countries with the higher prevalence of diabetes. At the same time, this region presents the highest values of prevalence of IGT with a median of 12%.”

  • KRELL427

    Diatomaceous Earth,does wonders for your body including getting rid of candida,its very cheap .Make sure its food grade, I take 3 teaspoons a day for the last four years.Do your own research.

  • Christine

    I use green clay every day. I put a small tea spoon of green clay in a glass of water, let it stand in the sun during the day mix it at night and drink it before bed. Best cure for diabetes and many other things. Old remedy. There’s a reason animals know to eat dirt: it contains all the necessary minerals.,105,945&q=40

    I’m 60 and i do NOT take any medication for anything. And the very (very) rare times I’m sick, colloidal silver does the trick.

  • KRELL427

    Nature and the wonders of your own body can cure anything.But there is no profit or population reduction in that.Also after selling natural products to about 150people I have seen some amazing things but unfortunately most people are not mentally strong enough to go against the industrial medical and pharmaceutical complex.

    • Christine

      Right. 30 years ago, I fought very hard not to have my kid vaccinated until she was due to start school, except for polio, dyphteria and tetanus that she got after she turned 1, for the simple reason that she was walking bare foot and we were in earthquake land: when big ones hit in CA, they can seriously damage water mains. Horrible battle but by the time she finally entered school, she had had chickenpox (and survived), whooping cough (and survived), measles and German measles: no need therefore for her to get “immunized” since she already was naturally. And she never got the mumps shot since it’s a combo of 3 things, two of which she had antibodies to. i got dragged in court twice and won both times. Judges at the time were smarter and as long as the kid wasn’t in any danger, they pretty much let parents decide.

      Nowadays, I don’t think I could. Pediatricians report parents to the authorities and once children’ services become involved, it’s game over.

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