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Wikipedia, H.G. Wells and the Transhuman World Brain

from Zen Gardner:

Well, it’s in our faces, and as usual we were warned. Wikipedia is bragging about their agenda now, while most of the whirled is tickled that “someone” is gathering all of this information in one (heavily thought-policed) place for their “easy reference”.

Whirled without a clue.

Technology is climbing up humanity’s back like fast spreading black veins in a bad sci-fi movie. The takeover attempt is obvious and repugnant to any thinking and feeling individual. Most just observe as they’re taken over by this web of control, but many of us are wide awake and aware of what is going down.

The story of Wikipedia serves as a perfect example of how this virus can be spread, appearing as an innocuous and even “free” and helpful resource, much like the massively manipulated Google transformer.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”…and the stakes and dimensions have been seriously upped.


The presumptuous title of this recent news story tells it all:

Wikipedia turns 15 and aims to become ‘sum of all human knowledge’

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has targeted becoming the “sum of all human knowledge” as the online guide celebrates its 15th anniversary.

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