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Why I Quit Homesteading After My First Year

from Fouch-o-matic Off Grid, via The Victory Report:

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3 comments to Why I Quit Homesteading After My First Year

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That “up-speak” (voice inflections sounds SOoo “California girl” nonsense).

    Anyway, they don’t plan their own FAMILY (2 young kids and having a 3rd at the wrong time, duh?)

    So the hubby was buying the land, and they had all these high ideals, fantasies, etc. Of course they never thought to get some pre-existing homestead with a well and septic system, they wanted to do it all from scratch.

    No wonder these people failed. (overly dreamy plans instead of DULL REALITY).

    Be realistic in your plans instead of “hippy dreamy”. Give up the dreams of “Little House on the Prairie”, and find some place ready for living.

    That’s why I chose some acres w/mobile home, well & septic tank, and no headaches, and no broken dreams. I understand that I am not grisley Adams or Noah.

    Common sense is not so common.

    Why do “back to nature types” overdue things? Darwin is waiting for dummy dreamers.

  • TheVirginian

    Ohhhh, she’s Carla Emery’s daughter.

  • Jeff

    “That “up-speak” (voice inflections sounds SOoo “California girl” nonsense).”

    Thanks CED for perfectly describing this way of speaking. Couldn’t get past 1 minute of that. Arrogantly expecting ones concurrence without allowing the person listening to think critically. I hate it and this woman’s message is obfuscated with dip shittery. Next!

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