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Who Does The Hillary Clinton Piper Play For? Wall Street!

by Brandon Turbeville, Activist Post:

While Clinton makes veiled attempts at attacking Wall Street on the campaign trail, the fact remains that she is one of the most heavily Wall Street financed candidates in the race. All of her campaign diatribes against power of banks and how the US government must focus on “Main Street and not Wall Street,” are clearly nothing but empty campaign rhetoric that, in no way, has a basis in the reality of Clinton’s ideology.

Clinton’s 2008 campaign was overwhelmingly funded by Wall Street and Wall Street interests. We can also never forget that it was during Bill Clinton’s tenure as President that Wall Street received the benefit of seeing derivatives become fully unregulated, the implementation of NAFTA, as well as other anti-labor and anti-American policies that further destroyed the American economy and working class.

Before anyone argues that Clinton is not her husband and the tragedies of his tenure in office should in no way be pawned off on her, it should be noted that Clinton opposes the re-imposition of Glass Steagall, the bill that was repealed by her husband’s administration and that was so important in creating the conditions for the 2008 financial crisis.[1] [2]

In regards to Clinton’s money from Wall Street firms, consider the article “Delamaide: Wall Street Is In Hillary’s Corner,” written by Darrell Delamaide for USA Today. Here, Delamaide writes,

Behind the scenes, Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president belies the Wall Street reform rhetoric that she uses to appeal to left-wing Democratic voters.

It was Deep Throat’s reputed advice to reporters in the Watergate scandal that made “follow the money” the iconic slogan for those seeking to ferret out corruption in U.S. politics.

But the political slush fund in Nixon’s 1972 re-election campaign seems quaint in the wake of Citizens United, super PACs and the even darker pools of campaign funds that are the forms of corporate payoffs to politicians nowadays.

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