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Welcome to “The Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave” — 1 in 4 Young Americans are TOO OBESE for Military Service

by Jennifer Lea Reynolds, Natural News:

Forget back and forth shifts in political decisions, terror threats and changing policies; the latest threat to national security may be the fact that many Americans are too obese to serve in the military. “I am very concerned about the reduced number of men and women who can meet all the qualifications required to serve in our armed forces,” says retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Steven Tomaszeski. “Nearly one quarter, 25 percent of all Americans ages 17-24 are too overweight to serve. Obesity is not only affecting those who can qualify for military service, it is also creating challenges for our active duty military,” he explains.

Shocking highlights of report detailing the consequences of obesity and military service

The statistics stem from a report released by retired Maryland admirals who are members of Mission: Readiness, a group of over 500 retired admirals and generals who are dedicated to preserving national security now and in the future. Titled, “Retreat is Not an Option,” the report details the surge in obesity while also making the case for healthier school meals, an increase in exercise and an overall awareness for the need for more fit military service members.

The report states:

Currently, 12 percent of active duty service members are obese based on height and weight — an increase of 61 percent since 2002 — which is resulting in serious problems with injuries and dismissals. Given that one-third of American children and teens are now obese or overweight and nearly one-quarter of Americans ages 17 to 24 are too overweight to serve in our military, the obesity rate among active duty service members could get even worse in the future if we do not act. Obesity among our military and their families is costing our defense budget well over $1.5 billion a year in health care spending and recruiting replacements for those who are too unfit to serve.

The report notes that excess weight was not always an issue, stating that increased calorie consumption and lack of exercise is often the norm for many children.

As such, the report educates on the matter of proper food intake and physical activity, stressing how much walking is needed, for example, to counter the ill effects of consuming a 20-ounce soda.

The Mission: Readiness report focused in on two areas; children who grow up to be obese and therefore, face difficulties qualifying for military service and the many current service members who are encountering serious body weight challenges that gravely impact their health as well as the country’s security.

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3 comments to Welcome to “The Land of the Free, The Home of the Brave” — 1 in 4 Young Americans are TOO OBESE for Military Service

  • malcolm

    Good let them get even fatter. Better being a Fat non conformist than a skinny lead sheep
    going to war for the suits sitting behind desks.

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    What with all the GMO’s, High Fructose Corn Syrup, etc etc, seems impossible for everybody who does not have high metabolic rates to stay thin.

    But there is ONE big advantage to carrying some excess body weight going into this next crisis, is that body fat is “ON BOARD FOOD PREPS”. Hahaha.

    They can break into the house and empty the pantry, but they cannot so easily empty the “on board storage facility”. To empty the “on board preps” will take time and lack of GMO/HFC foods, as well as some good old fashioned starvation.

    There are several groups of people. Break it down, into healthy or not healthy.

    Then, in the over weight groups, there are the healthier fatties and the unhealthy fatties.

    The “healthy” fatties will likely survive the longest and do quite well in the crisis.

    The WalMart “electric scooter heifers-N-hogs” won’t do so well. People who cannot walk a steady few miles, are really bad off.

    Get ready, keep stackin’ and pantry fillin’. Get out that push mower (when the grass grows) and get PUSHING.

    Pack on a back pack with 10-40 pounds of water, etc and get walkin’. (I gotta do some of that stuff too, but at least I can walk for hours without distress.)

    OK, be ready, be calm, keep a GOOD attitude. Don’t let anger, fear or other negative emotions get you down. Don’t worry about the little stuff.

    Don’t always be ready to be angry or always taking a negative view on things. Don’t want to give yourself a stroke or heart attack from stress hormones building up.

    Don’t worry, BE happy. It may sound stupid, but you’ll live longer with fewer problems.

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