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VIDEO: Tel Aviv Gunman Fires Automatic Weapon, Then Escapes

from MSNBC, via wwwMOXNEWScom:

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2 comments to VIDEO: Tel Aviv Gunman Fires Automatic Weapon, Then Escapes

  • Deforest

    Here is our first false flag attack of the year. How is it I am not surprised that it happened in Israel? After all they engineered sept 11. What’s going on over there? They want to kill more Palestinians, or more settlements, steal the Golen height…? What is it again? I am sick and tired of the globalists that want is to live in fear but it won’t happen. We know who they are and their agenda. Nethanyahu is the culprit. The Zionist government the culprit. I am surprised that he only killed two people, usually they target bigger crowds (sept 11, the Boston marathon….

  • Eric

    Gun Violence is out of control in Israel!!!

    They should confiscate all guns in Israel and create gun free zones so that everybody is kept safe.

    I think I have been convinced now that Zionism is a good thing for jews but not in Israel. I support “Solar Zionism” because there should be a Zionist homeland for the jews on the surface of the sun. It is the only solution to all the violence in Israel and the rest of the world.

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