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US Government Has Been Moving All Military Assets In Place To Start WW3

from X22 Report:

Episode 862b

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9 comments to US Government Has Been Moving All Military Assets In Place To Start WW3

  • Millicent

    There will be no war… The Russians and Chinese have out-teched the Americans, rendering their weaponry useless.

    • Windrunner56

      I agree. The USA (Gubberment/military – not the citizens) is a bully. They will always go into countries they can control, they will not tackle a country of equal or superior fire power. China and Russia, Iran and who knows how many more Nations would band together to take out the bully.

      I believe the take down of the USD will cause much chaos, but war….I do not believe so, unless they declare war on Greenland. They have a shot there…

      Those power brokers in charge of the chess pieces realize that war in not an option. They do not know what to do now that the masses have awoken. Obomber is your greatest ally right now, he speaks people wake up. Keep him talking, he is doing wonders for the awakening of the world….

      • Christine

        So do I. The US have already removed an enormous part of their fleet from the Mediterranean Sea and have not had an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf since 2007. Rather than fear an unlikely WWIII (psychopaths are NOT the majority in this world and their reach is limited), following what is going on with our fleet clearly shows that the US role as world police at sea and on land is dwindling down.

        And in space, the US have intense competition as well with the Russians, Chinese and soon to be Indians, all three countries now firmly allied through BRICS.

        The Hodge, Snyders and Alex Jones of this world clamoring that WWIII is at our door are pyschopathic delusional paranoids intent on keeping the American people terrified while MSM continues to play the “terror” card every chance it gets. Simple research disarms completely both side of the same propaganda.

  • Christine

    Really? Produce your arguments and document them. That’s what rational minds do… Never mind: insular and ignorant minds of the “exceptional” kind don’t have that ability.

    “Chief of Staff of the US Navy, complaining of the high activity of Russian warships, explained that the possibility of sending more US warships closer to Russia – in Europe. Do Americans have the opportunity to return to a degree of presence in the Mediterranean, comparable to the Cold War?

    When compared with the period of the Cold War, the US military presence in the Mediterranean Sea has decreased significantly, says Murakhovski. “I recall that in those years there was permanently deployed 6-Sixth Fleet, which included at least one carrier battle group. Then the strategy, including the naval, the United States has changed. They’re in their national military doctrine, which was adopted last year, said that the main efforts have been switched to the Asia-Pacific region. And it shows the composition of the American group there – there is always present 7-th US Navy, including aircraft carriers, “- said the source.

    Return on the same scale forces in the Mediterranean Sea, Americans can not purely for financial reasons. “Given that the US defense budget in real terms for the next year is reduced, I do not think they will go to such great additional expenses. If additional ships will be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, it has no strategic value. Rather, operational and tactical importance, “- said Murakhovski.”

    “The news cast U.S. military policy in a particularly unsettling light: While China’s naval power expands, America has deliberately reduced its presence on the seas. The Navy—after nearly $1 trillion of Defense Department cuts, in part mandated by the 2011 budget-sequestration deal between Congress and the Obama administration—is already down to 272 ships. That means the U.S. fleet is less than half its size at the close of the Reagan administration nearly 30 years ago (and down by 13 ships since 2009).

    The Navy had intended to increase the fleet to 308 ships, including 12 that will replace the nation’s aging ballistic-missile submarine deterrent. But in a mid-December memo, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Navy to cut the number of ships it plans to build in favor of placing more-advanced technology aboard the existing fleet.”

    So, if you want to believe in WWIII, go right ahead. I sure wouldn’t want to take away the pleasure of fear if it makes you feel alive.

  • Timco

    Christine is correct. Bombs and bullets are as outdated as the Pony Express. There will be mass culling’s though. Trained hackers will interrupt the power grid, and within weeks, millions will die. Without a single shot being fired. No one will be held accountable, and all major nations are in collusion. This is the new age of warfare.

  • Christine

    It is seriously speeding up. And there is a reason for it: the faster the de-dollarization, the less likely and able the flat-broke US will be to trigger a major world conflict.

    “Step-by-step Russia, China and other emerging economies are taking measures to reduce their dependence on the US dollar, F. William Engdahl notes, referring to Russia’s crude oil benchmark initiative; the move could deal a dramatic blow to the “petrodollar’s” dominance.
    Russia has taken a significant step which will undermine the current Wall Street oil price monopoly: Russia’s own crude oil benchmark futures contract will price oil in rubles and no longer in US dollars, American-German researcher, historian and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl remarks.

    “The move is part of a longer-term strategy of decoupling Russia’s economy and especially its very significant export of oil, from the US dollar, today the Achilles Heel of the Russian economy… It is part of a de-dollarization move that Russia, China and a growing number of other countries have quietly begun,” the American researcher writes in his recent article for New Eastern Outlook.”

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