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U.S. ramps-up economic terrorism against Russia

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

With the U.S. and its bankster Masters still fuming about being caught off-guard by Russia’s surprise entry into the “Syrian conflict”, we now see them resorting to more of what they do best: more economic terrorism.

As readers recall from earlier this year, this economic terrorism has essentially two prongs. First there are the direct attacks on Russia’s economy, via (illegally) manipulating the Russian ruble lower — thus unleashing punishing inflation on the economy, and its people.

The second prong of this economic terrorism is to indirectly attack Russia’s economy, via (illegally) manipulating the price of oil lower (and Russia is the world’s #1 energy exporter). Note my deliberate insertion of the word “illegal”.

When Barack Obama boasted earlier this year that manipulating the price of oil lower was “a part of the U.S. strategy” against Russia, apparently he (and his Masters) forgot that manipulating markets is still officially illegal. This is quite understandable. When you do something every day of every week of every month of every year (and get away with it), it’s easy to forget that it’s illegal.

This is a calling-card of Rogue Regimes. They no longer even understand that their actions are wrong, and thus make little-to-no-effort to hide their crimes.

Thus in recent weeks, first we saw the price of crude dragged to new lows, now we see the Russian ruble again being manipulated down to a punishing extreme:

Russia’s ruble hits lowest level in a year

While the attack on Russia’s currency has only one purpose, the U.S.’s serial manipulation of oil prices (lower) has two motives, and Barack Obama made a deliberate point of only acknowledging one of them. The second motive is that low oil prices are “stimulative” (since oil is still a central input of our economies), thus these ultra-low oil prices are helping to prop-up the crippled U.S. economy, so that it doesn’t implode before the banksters’ scheduled D-Day (“detonation day”).

As I’ve been writing repeatedly for over a year, the Next Crash is scheduled for 2016 (to match the U.S. election-cycle), with the optimal time for the crash some time in the first half of 2016 — very likely in the spring. We had further reinforcement of this Script when the Fed finally raised U.S. interest rates, at the worst possible time.

The Next Crash in 2016
Fed Rate-Hike To Trigger ‘Next Crash’ In 2016?
The Fed Rate-Hike: the Torpedo is Launched

The problem right now for the One Bank (and its U.S. henchmen) is that it needs to give the Fed time to push-through a few interest rate increases. If the crippled U.S. economy collapsed from a mere 1/4% increase in interest rates (from zero), that would prove that all of the seven years of “U.S. recovery” babble was a lie.

But as soon as interest rates start rising, this immediately puts even more downward pressure on this train-wreck economy. Thus we see oil prices being manipulated even lower: to give this gas-guzzling economy an extra, few weeks/months of pseudo-life until D-Day arrives.

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