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Dissecting The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Investment Chapter

from Congressional Dish:

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is finished and will be eligible for a vote in Congress in February 2016. In December, the Democrats held a hearing on the Investment chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In this episode, highlights from that hearing and a summary of the provisions in one of the TPP’s most important chapters.

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1 comment to Dissecting The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – Investment Chapter

  • CalSailX

    I really don’t think the corporations have thought this one out well! If those persons called corporations want to fall on that hand grenade called the TPP, I wouldn’t think of stopping them. It’s such an overreach that in it are the seeds of their own destruction, I can be wrong however I still see it as a gift!

    It’s a naked power grab, the powers behind it have to come more and more out into the open. No pretense, no misunderstanding, please stand before you fellows make your case why the “person” shouldn’t be put to death?

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