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Top Bilderberger: “We Must Stop Donald Trump”

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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3 comments to Top Bilderberger: “We Must Stop Donald Trump”

  • Brian

    Hilarious. This is such a BS piece by the conspiracy within the conspiracy himself Alex Jones. “The best way to oppose your opposition is to lead it” Stalin. He is there to muddy the waters and get people focusing on the slave count again. Do not vote in their corporate selection ever again. Please view “The Season of Treason” on youtube to see the information Alex Jones will never cover. Voting ties you to UNITED STATES INC. Get off the voter rolls and don’t get fooled again.

  • Silver Shield

    Lol! The Criminal elite using briar rabbit technique… I guess it works on the dumbed down masses.

    • Sam

      @ Silver Shield,

      Perhaps, it would have been better for the little people that they, the Elite, to have come right out and approve of only establishment twisted freaks?


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