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“Time For A Gold Standard…?” – Bloomberg

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

Bloomberg suggests bringing back the gold standard.

How’s that for a non sequitur? In fact, it’s not. Nor is it some typo. Today Bloomberg mused out loud about bringing back a gold standard, and its prognosis was that this might not be a bad idea.

No, no one has slipped some LSD into your morning coffee. No, apparently no one at Bloomberg has been consuming any hallucinogens, or other psychedelic drugs either. The caveat here is that Bloomberg doesn’t think that a gold standard should be for everyone, and certainly not the United States. Just one country: China.

Note that this notion doesn’t come from “Bloomberg”, but rather from “Bloomberg Intelligence” (lol!!). Naturally, this begs the question of how Bloomberg classifies the rest of its media empire: Bloomberg Non-Intelligence? But I digress.

It’s at this point that, as usual, Bloomberg’s reporting descends into surreality and Machiavellian perversity. According to Bloomberg, out of all the nations of the world, China needs a gold standard — as a means of propping up its “weak currency”.

:silly: :silly: :silly:

Once again (as usual), it’s here that the B.S. from the mainstream media intersects with the criminal operations of the One Bank. Why would Bloomberg insist that China has a “weak currency”? It’s because the One Bank is currently aiming all its terrorist wrath at China’s economy, in the form of attacking the renminbi and manipulating it lower.

Is anyone else getting a feeling of deja vu here? Two and a half years ago; when the One Bank wanted India’s government to slam the door on gold imports, suddenly India’s currency started plummeting lower. The plunge in the rupee stopped, magically, the moment that India’s government imposed an embargo on gold imports.

A little over a year ago; when Russia was in the cross-hairs of the One Bank, and the Corporate media spent most of its time hurling absurd and baseless accusations at Russia, Russia also suddenly experienced a “currency crisis” too. And, in more general terms, we can’t forget that the One Bank’s Big Bank tentacles were just convicted of serially manipulating all of the world’s currencies, going back to at least 2008.

So when we see the renminbi falling in value, suddenly and drastically, and we see the Corporate media going into Chicken Little mode, and musing out loud about what would be required to “save” China’s currency, we KNOW that the One Bank’s psychopathic henchmen are busy at work with more of their economic terrorism. It is with this context in mind that we view Bloomberg’s “musing” about a gold standard in China.

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1 comment to “Time For A Gold Standard…?” – Bloomberg

  • Rob

    You made me laugh.For one I, do not read any bloomberg trash, almost everyday, they contradict every other article they write!

    Yes, the other part of the empire absolutely must be non intelligence.

    I do go to Financial Visualizations news but only the blogs or just the right hand side of the news page.Unless of course a laugh is needed then ,might peek at the left side of the page.Your articles are enjoyed of course.Good on Bullion Bulls and SGT.

    P.S.. It is known that bloomberg did not get a capital B
    To me that would be like saying,
    The Honorable jon corzine

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