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The situation in Poland is critical

from monitorpolski:

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3 comments to The situation in Poland is critical

  • Does Poland fall on any ley lines like Crimea? Cause is if it does I wouldn’t be thinking about if but when the bodies start dropping….US Vs Russia = Squirrel!

  • Sam

    A most Excellent discussion, highly recommend a listen.

    The Great Awakening is the cure to the evil and vile perpetrators trying to spread fear thru their lies for their war mongering take over.

    The sustained peace with power is in returning to the local people standing up for themselves by ridding the dark ruthless LIARS who call for everything other than common sense, independent sovereignty, and truth under God Almighty as the center as has been in the fruitful past.

  • Larry from Montreal

    I hope they don’t succeed in eradicating the small farmers as they have done in N. Amerika.

    I communicated daily with a wonderful lady from Poland for nine years until the system murdered her. That country is so f**ked up that the whole government was murdered in a plane crash that was barely reported on in our lame stream media. I thought it was the Russians that organized the plane crash but I wonder now if it wasn’t the USA and it’s evil henchmen. Unfortunately for them people survived the crash and had to be machine gunned on the ground. Someone filmed the event and escaped but they hunted him down and did him in too.

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