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You Can’t Handle The Truth ~ Interview with Jim Willie ~ Part 1

from perpetualassets:

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22 comments to THE PLUG HAS BEEN PULLED — Jim Willie

  • willygroper


    Yup. Anyone who lived the PSB fail in 82 can smell this one a mile away.

    Owner of BOK is 20th richest in the country. He bought that bank from FDIC.

    Who knows how long they can keep the plates spinning, but it sure as the dickens looks pretty unstable to me.

  • Christine

    Too many interviews back to back in too short a time. JW is running out of fresh material and either repeating himself ad nauseam, filling in with irrelevant trivialities or guessing as new developments arise, which he didn’t give himself the time to properly analyze and for which he has no definite answer. Waste of my time listening.

    He should stick with 3 or 4 interviews per year and allow people to see for themselves how his predictions have panned out.

    I am regrettably taking a break from JW but will revisit it in 3 or 4 months. By then, the reset/devaluation of the new dollar may have taken place, Turkey may have suffered a military coup, the house of Saud may have fallen and Germany may have exited NATO. And Spring will be here.

    • willygroper


      IIRC JW said the fall will come from contracts/CDS on the oil contagion currently unfolding.

      I believe he is correct. If you read the link Gonzo posted, it should smack you in the head.

      So if you really think JW is that lame, why bother to waste your time listening or post?

      • Christine

        I never said he was lame. I am one of his biggest supporters in fact. 4 or 5 back-to-back interviews within 3 weeks limit his impact and I explained why. That’s it.

        What’s up with attacking all the time people expressing opinions they qualify as such? Have people become so touchy that they can’t handle opinions?

        Boy is this country ever in trouble!

        • Christine

          I will go even farther.

          What’s the deal with the American people looking for a Guru all the time?

          JW is a bright man (not a god, just a man with a brain and insights I don’t have and need at times) having brought out many facts. A Guru with one message to listen to, 4 or 5 times within 3 weeks? Hell no! That’s what churches do!

          Lay off the Jim Willie cult, shall you?

          Yep. This country is in so much trouble… Surreal…

          • willygroper

            If your implied assumption is the worship of a Guru, that’s funny!

            If you are unable to mine a new nugget when some info is repeated…so be it.

            What YOU think he should do, and what HE thinks he should do are two different matters entirely.

            JW is by no means a single source of info. Rob Kirby is great. Both he & JW not only collaborate but use another source (my go to) as well.

            How about sharing your analysis and prognostications with us?

            Perhaps it would be more productive than what you don’t like about his podcasts and appears to irk the crap out of you that other people do.

            I’d venture to guess no one cares what you like or don’t. That is unless you’re knowledgeable enough to call BS on his presentations or just spout off.

            I fail to see any contributions in the financial arena from you, either affirmative or counter.

            “That’s what churches do” strawman much?

    • Timco

      @Christine. Amen. I wish someone would pull the plug on Jim Willie. The golden gas bag is desperate to sell his jackass newsletters. He lives comfortably in Costa Rica, off the money he extracts from the US. If not for this income, he’s be clearing hotel rooms and selling cheap watches on the beach. I have no respect for someone who LIVES OUTSIDE the US, but continually blasts it. Come back and face the music Jim, or shut the hell up. We don’t care about your opinion.

  • Millicent

    I would say that the alt-media is getting desperate for their “collapse” to happen because people are getting tired of hearing the SoS and they are losing their audience.

    • AgShaman

      I don’t know if I remember too many in alt media wishing for a collapse?

      As far as I could tell…they are trying to steer the ship away from the iceberg.

      If u wanna shut down the “signal” just because some doomers operating in the alt media space have some wild ideas…you will engender the seed that only “preferred” players may have a voice.

      • willygroper


        In a way I get Mill’s point although not articulated as such.

        I’ve noticed a VERY distinct ramp-up in the fear porn to the point of hysteria. So much so, there’s a few in alt I used to read regularly that I completely stopped reading.

        Prolly has more to do with pay per click and herd redirection.

        • AgShaman

          I never minded sorting thru what was worth listening to. It was only my opinion that alt media has helped with the frustration that comes with the Ministry of Truth trying to shove propaganda down our gullets 24/7.

          It was great for the psyche to know there are quite a few others out there that refuse to be the ‘soma solution’ for tyrants

        • Millicent

          Thank you for stating your observations… One can’t help but notice that the frequency and intensity of the hype is increasing.

      • Millicent

        I hear “the voice”…

    • marcs


      Your comment makes no sense.

      If the alternate media spends their efforts wanting for the financial collapse to occur, you say due low audience numbers, don’t you think once this devastating collapse occurs, that the alt-media will not even exist,
      thus audience numbers are meaningless, and so is your comment.

      Low audience numbers, if real, just show the sheeple don’t care, watch the Oregon ordeal unfold, the Constitution means nothing to “law enforcement”, govmint, etc, and the sheeple think its a game out there. Actually making fun of the Patriots!

      Tell me, how is the alt-media getting their revenue now?, or are the vast majority providing information (some good some bad) from their own stored labor?


  • KRELL427

    Nobody can beat Jim for authentic background noise.Trucks,buses sirens and honking. You can almost smell the exhaust fumes. I like his wit and info although I do not subscribe to his news letter, I look forward to his interviews. He has filled the void left when Bob Chapman passed away.Seems like more truthers are Dropping off than bad guys.

    • AgShaman

      I finally finished. It sounded like he got caught at the end of his “dinner”, which involves adult beverages.

      Very entertaining and thought provoking. His “voice” always sounded like Jim Sinclair or Jim Rickards in my w-a-g.

      From having a “Dubya” pretzl moment to the full monte throughout the gamut, the Golden Jackass is the most entertaining.

  • jerry

    Dont get me wrong I like Will but He lost me here when he brought up Michel as Michael w/o substance when we cant even expose to the light that Barry is from Kenya

    • Christine

      That’s one of my main problems with J.W. Harping on Michelle Obama and Christine Lagarde being men doesn’t do a thing for his message on the economy.

      Funny reactions people have when anyone has the temerity of disapproving of anything… I guess that’s what is meant by “freedom of speech”…

      • Howard Roark

        “Funny reactions people have when anyone has the temerity of disapproving of anything… I guess that’s what is meant by “freedom of speech”…”

        LOL, hypocrite, party of YOU…ROTFLMAO!!!

  • johnny fever

    WTF is wrong with some people around here, i hope i am not talking out of turn cuz i had few beers watchin the packers lose .. but fuck yea i welcome the collapse because it can’t go on and I WANT CHANGE .. cuz nothin is changin,the corruption is mofo unbelivable .. i have been awake since the Clinton Chronicles .. and change via peaceful means is not workin just like when they founded this country .. it is gettin close to fighten time .. and some people are right cowards run and i will not run to another country like some cuz runnin aint the answer you got to believe in something and fucking fight for .. don’t let others fight ur fight cuz then u are a fuckin piece o shit … sorry for bein to the fuckin point but the jack is goin to my head and i am pissed … well i like this site cuz i feel i have brothers out there

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