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The GLOBAL BUBBLE is Popping — Dave Kranzler


Researcher and writer Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics joins me to discuss the global economic Ponzi scheme. As Deutsche Bank warns a “perfect storm” is developing – and as we see with the Chinese stock market so far in 2016, the global bubble is now popping. Meanwhile as still enjoys a nearly $300 Billion market cap and exemplifies the very definition of “Ponzi scheme” the global physical silver market has an estimated global market value of only $70 Billion AT MOST, remaining one of the most undervalued assets on earth.

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57 comments to The GLOBAL BUBBLE is Popping — Dave Kranzler

  • “In 2015, with the exception of people that held Bitcoins, the performance of all asset classes has been poor.” Marc Faber, January 2016

  • KRELL427

    As far as acquiring the most undervalued asset on the planet and trading fiat ponzi notes to aquire it, 2015 could go down as one of the greatest opportunities of a life time. We all have a different definition of value.

  • NIX

    How about getting in the face of EVIL…I,M having a hard on, don’t know if pete is real but if it is ***AMAZING****

    • Windrunner56

      Starting you reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly wonder about Pete Santilli. Lots of stuff appearing on the web about him being an FBI informant. I guess you get to a certain level in the Alt Media, and you have many doubters. The bullhorn thing though, leave that to Alex Jones. He can do it like no other.

    • Rob

      Santilli is a infiltrator and informant. Oregon better chuck him to the curb.
      In this day and age of gun control religion I bet Ohio does not let other people walk on gun charges. Gun in car,concealed,loaded,extra mags.That is a severe no no in Ohio.

      Why did he walk with no charges and why will the police not give reasons he was let go.
      Just that alone is suspect.

      Vinniy Eastwood,Glenn Canady Stew Web
      How to spot a FBI informant.This audio podcast explains more about the infiltrator and what he has done to others including Vinny. Oh and he cheats on his wife.Scum

  • Ed_B

    “As Deutsche Bank warns a “perfect storm” is developing – and as we see with the Chinese stock market so far in 2016, the global bubble is now popping.”

    Well, DB would know. They are one of the prime movers and shakers in this disaster we call an economy.

  • Christine

    The big difference is that China has no debts and upward of 30,000 tons of gold. But harping on it makes it sound as though they are so much worse off than the Western world, why worry with “such a strong dollar?”

    Very short sighted.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      China’s debt is more internal. There are all those storage yards that are supposed to be stacked with thousands of tons of Copper, steel, aluminum, etc, used as collateral for Chinese bank loans, but those have been “re-hypothecated” too.

      I do believe that the 30,000 tons of gold, may be very near the correct number.

      It appears that China still holds perhaps $1.5T in US Treasuries, which the financial sectors loves to pretend is an “ASSET”, but the intrinsic value will fall to zero, so it becomes a DEBT.

      Chinese stock market is generally above 65/1 P/E ratio (Big bubble, over valued), just like all the stock markets of the world (and BONDS), and Derivatives, are all just a giant “CIRCLE JERK” of SMOKE & MIRRORS trying to have the appearance of wealth/value/collateral.

      I’m saying, China’s debt problems are just as bad as everybody else’s problems, it just has a bunch of different face-paint on it.

      Anything that is supposed to be “paid” by a contract, is a debt until the gold, silver, oil, food has been delivered and is in your own hands.

      China’s safety will be its massive holdings of Gold, and its mines, manufacturing, and its land mass, etc. (yes, we all know it has problems, such as pollution and lack of safe farming practices, etc. and its massive population will decrease during the crash.)

      (Heck, we ALL will have huge DARWIN depopulationing (I just made that up) happening to everybody who is not prepared and cannot grow food or collect enough water, etc.)

      • Ed_B

        Agree on China. Their shadow banking system is a giant anchor tied to their feet as they try to swim through these choppy economic seas. Estimates vary but most average around $25T worth of shadow banking debt and that is a LOT of headwind for any economy to deal with.

        “Heck, we ALL will have huge DARWIN depopulationing (I just made that up) happening to everybody who is not prepared and cannot grow food or collect enough water, etc.”

        Agreed here too. If things get as bad as many of us fear, there will be three kinds of people in the new world: dead, independent, and thieves who try to live off of those who are independent. Fortunately, the thieves do not have a sustainable operating model, so will die off after a while. They will do a lot of damage before that, though. Best to help them along early, before they organize into larger and more dangerous groups. Never give an inch to these people. That only encourages them and increases their demands.

        • Craig Escaped Detroit

          I heard (from a couple of highly intelligent) people that I respect (some in Law enforcement or Military) who have stated, that when the stinky SHTF, and when these respectable people are doing whatever & where ever. they have a shocking (but probably valid idea).

          Is they will pull out a gun, and shoot “on site” any & every male who has “Face or Neck Tattoos”.

          The respectable people have told me, (and I tend to agree) that ANY & EVERY “Thug” with face and neck tattoos are too likely to be problems. Not the responsible, honorable types. Best to exterminate roaches & rats before they become a problem.

          For YEARS, (not widely known in the USA) that when the USA deports Salvadoran Gang members from the USA, back to El Salvador, there are vigilante executioners who often wait around the local airports, and execute ALL returning thugs who have face and neck tattoos as soon as possible to prevent their thuggish gangster activities from growing down there.

          This “culling of the krappies” out of the system, happens in more than one central American country.

          When a society cannot afford to “be nice and gentle” with criminals, (such as when the level of enforcement is lacking), then harsh measures may be the only method of preventing the violent-criminal element from taking over and causing harm to the more peaceful, easy target population

          • Ed_B

            “When a society cannot afford to “be nice and gentle” with criminals, (such as when the level of enforcement is lacking), then harsh measures may be the only method of preventing the violent-criminal element from taking over and causing harm to the more peaceful, easy target population”

            Agreed. When the SHTF, the US Gov will have to deal with much more than they can handle. There won’t be a lot of time or resources for dotting all the legal “i”s and crossing all the legal “t”s. It will be a survival situation, not a social debate. The question will be, “Do you want to survive or not?”. If not, then your troubles will be over quite soon and rather permanently. If so, then prepare to kick ass and take names. Anything else will just be screwing around and will get us killed.

  • Eric

    Is that Hershey bar real? HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Yeah I have some gelt for ya. Stay out of Amazon! Bezos is a big scam! Stay out of Tesla, Stay out of Microsoft, Stay out of Apple. ALL Jewish SCAMS!!!

    Buy Gold and Silver. Physical first. Shares with good management and capital second.

    I made 10% on Ultra Vix Futures today, and another 10% on my oil trade (even though oil was down). Buying thousand share blocks of Great Panther shares below 50 cents now.

    And of course… stacking mucho physical!

  • Eric

    “The supple deficit in silver and in gold have been going on for well over a decade.”


    I hope my Silver Army Men get here soon because we have some battles to win against the banksters in the Silver arena this year.

    • Ed_B

      “I hope my Silver Army Men get here soon because we have some battles to win against the banksters in the Silver arena this year.”

      Agree on the need to battle the banksters but I have a different method in minds. I am stacking ammo to deal with them and their minions. This is not as cool as silver army men, but it should be more effective. 😉

  • glitter 1

    “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”
    Thomas Jefferson, (Attributed)

    The Bankers(Money Changers/Gold Smiths) and their benefactors behind the scenes have always ruled/rigged the system in their favor.This same class(es) over the last 300 years have been working to consolidate their powers to effectively acquire the wealth of The World.They Brag about it in their own writings on how they intend to accomplish their goals.They are well on the way towards achieving.
    First they inflate the economy(ies) and artificially drive values higher then at their proscribed timing they yank out the carpet and deflate/crash everything back down.They start by buying up everything on the cheap at the depressed starting point thereby profiting on the way up then on the way down,especially with modern economic vehicles like stocks,bonds,commodities markets since they know/control the timing of the cycles.
    During the market crashing of 2008-2009 when they sheared the sheep(middle class)Texe Marrs did an expose’ where 15 Trillion left the US system towards European(read:Rothchilds/Vatican)Banks.From the Lehman Bankruptcy $200 Million fled to a bank in Tel Aviv. You see,they control/know the cycle timing and use their exclusiveness to rob the masses of their wealth.Thomas Jefferson and the other Founders knew their game and didn’t want it moving from Europe to their New Republic.They knew who/what the banking elite were and warned against them.Unfortunately by way of bribing/incrementalism over the last 100 years they have just about succeeded in their plan to confiscate the wealth of the world.We are only one more World Economic Debacle/Depression ffom the destruction of The Middle Class along with the theft of wealth of many generations then comes the solution:A Totalitarian Socialist Dictatorial World Government out of the ashes.The masses will accept/comply when they are destitute.
    I read/saw headlines last week stating that 2.5 Trillion of wealth had evaporated/disappeared since the first trading day of the New Year,which didn’t include today,Friday.That wealth/money didn’t disappear/vanish,it when straight into the coffers of the banking elite and their benefactors who are shorting the markets.We are facing,most likely the beginning of the greatest wealth transfer/theft in progress,in the history of the world.IMHO it’s going to be ugly this time around,people’s life savings will be lost,people are going to die.It is their plan and they are working it.I pray it were not so,but I understand otherwise.

  • Hitler wanted to remove the Jews from the centers of finance, the media and education in Germany. And has been demonized my our Jewish controlled media ever sense. Probably the the greatest deception perpetrated against the world in the twentieth century. Along with the fact that the Ashkenazi “converted Jews” have no God given claim the land of Palestine.

    And now the United States has been occupied, and much of the world, by the same perpetrators that Hitler resisted. Until we wake-up to this fact and have the guts to speak-up we will be chained into their slavery.

  • Gnostic


    As I was reading your last comment, I was simultaneously going to paste a link to a video interview, then I scrolled up and you already posted it! Amazing!

    Quintessential synchronicity.

  • duanne

    I work in the garbage industry and was just thinking what a sham “online sales” is. As we all know Amazon sends your China junk in a smiley face box. I see VERY few of these boxes in the cardboard recycling center and in the raw residential garbage we collect. I currently live/work in SW Wisconsin and had lived/worked in NE Illinois and have been in garbage now for 3 years approx. It’s stunning how few of their boxes I actually have seen. They CAN’T POSSIBLY be doing a lot of business. Period. Seems someones bullshitting somebody.

  • DP

    Good interview…

    It’s been a crazy week. It will be interesting to see if the wheels REALLY come off before or after the election.

    • Ed_B

      Two possibilities occur to me: 1) before the election if King Obama wants to remain in the White House; and 2) or after the election if it is rigged to put Hellery in there as the final death blow to a once-great nation.

      • lastmanstanding

        I been telling folks the same thing Ed…trump and Bernie are just distractions to both of the birds wings until it is time to make the “selection.”

        We both know that it has most-likely been made. The “selection” that is.

        • Ed_B

          “We both know that it has most-likely been made. The “selection” that is.”

          Indeed we do. The 2012 election was a complete sham. Obama was the most defeatable candidate ever, yet somehow won. And the idiot running the Repub party did not get fired for incompetence. In fact, nary a ripple disturbed his $200 lunch the day after the election. Voting fraud was rampant and in our faces. More evidence of this is not needed by anyone with an IQ above room temp.

      • Craig Escaped Detroit

        @Ed, you are starting to slip a bit.

        The white house has always (probably since the 1840’s) been run by the SAME “party” that runs it today.

        Obama, Bush, Hillary, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, etc, have NEVER been in control of anything important. The hidden ELITES are in there, have long been in control and will still be in control after the Ballet we call an “election”.

        It’s a Musical stage act. On the day that our government actually disbands all the secret agencies, and cuts the military budgets by 85%, that is the day I will believe that the elites have lost the power.

        When we close more than 1000 overseas military bases, stop spending all the money and discharge all those troops & contractors, that is the day when I will believe America has stopped being the world’s biggest criminal.

        But human nature, contains a LOT of greed to get ahead of others no matter who gets hurt. Greed & Fear operate together, to push, even GOOD people, into doing things to get above everybody else, partly for self preservation, and partly for pure greed and lust for power, wealth, control.

        We are fighting, not just elites in power, we are also fighting against our own human nature, (lower nature).

        • Ed_B


          “@Ed, you are starting to slip a bit.”

          Says you! HA! Says I in return! 😉

          Nothing in my comment supports your contention. Better try again only try it with someone who doesn’t know this stuff as well as most on here. 🙂

          We’re on the same page, Bro. I do try to temper the paranoia level around here some but that is the small voice of reason attempting to dispel the darkness. There is more than enough darkness out there that is real. We don’t need to create ANY more. 🙂

  • rich

    Russia Breaking Wall St Oil Price Monopoly

    Russia has just taken significant steps that will break the present Wall Street oil price monopoly, at least for a huge part of the world oil market. The move is part of a longer-term strategy of decoupling Russia’s economy and especially its very significant export of oil, from the US dollar, today the Achilles Heel of the Russian economy.

    Later in November the Russian Energy Ministry has announced that it will begin test-trading of a new Russian oil benchmark. While this might sound like small beer to many, it’s huge. If successful, and there is no reason why it won’t be, the Russian crude oil benchmark futures contract traded on Russian exchanges, will price oil in rubles and no longer in US dollars. It is part of a de-dollarization move that Russia, China and a growing number of other countries have quietly begun.

    The setting of an oil benchmark price is at the heart of the method used by major Wall Street banks to control world oil prices. Oil is the world’s largest commodity in dollar terms. Today, the price of Russian crude oil is referenced to what is called the Brent price. The problem is that the Brent field, along with other major North Sea oil fields is in major decline, meaning that Wall Street can use a vanishing benchmark to leverage control over vastly larger oil volumes. The other problem is that the Brent contract is controlled essentially by Wall Street and the derivatives manipulations of banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP MorganChase and Citibank.

    The ‘Petrodollar’ demise

    The sale of oil denominated in dollars is essential for the support of the US dollar. In turn, maintaining demand for dollars by world central banks for their currency reserves to back foreign trade of countries like China, Japan or Germany, is essential if the United States dollar is to remain the leading world reserve currency. That status as world’s leading reserve currency is one of two pillars of American hegemony since the end of World War II. The second pillar is world military supremacy.
    First appeared:

    • Christine

      And isn’t that amazing how it is playing out exactly as Jim Willie, so hated by many here, predicted it three or four years ago? Including the new developments such as this ine:

      What Willie didn’t (and couldn’t) foresee was that, out of desperation, the US would engage in all kinds of deadly wars in order to slow down the irremediable drop of the US dollar: only psychopaths could have anticipated such a destructive policy and I don’t feel that he is. But he sure as hell saw what was coming for the dollar…

      • Windrunner56

        Hey C. We went to see “The Big Short” last night. Wow, best mainstream account of 2008 crash I have seen. I have most of the documentaries, but this was real good. Go see it, rarely we go to movies but given the topic, had to part with fiat.

        Willie is bang on most of the time. You have to remember predictions can be delayed because of Fed policy and Gubberment invervention, but eventually all chickens will come home to roost. I agree with all above it is happening at warp speed now. Too bad no one on the street is noticing……yet.

        • Christine

          I never go watch movies but I will go to see that one. And I will get back to you. It took me a while to go see “Margin Call”. But I went, pressed by many people. It allowed me to win my first federal case against the bank and make a few bucks.

          I absolutely will see this one. Give it a few weeks to get to that One-dollar-ticket theater. Not That I’m cheap. Just F**ing broke. You know… self-employed because “agencies” own all the employment contracts and I can’t function on my own.

          America-the-beautiful kind of thing…

          • Ed_B

            Yea! Another Margin Call fan. I really liked that one. If The Big Short is of the same caliber, it will be good too. Have not seen it. Haven’t even seen any ads for it around here (Pacific NW). We mostly use Netflix and Red Box to see movies. The idea of us paying $18-20 to see a movie that is WAY too loud, has really irritating idiots laughing, commenting, and cursing at inappropriate times, and has those damned sticky floors from spilled sodas is too much for us to tolerate. We can both enjoy a movie at home with popcorn and a drink for less than $5. If we need a food or bathroom break, the PAUSE button is right there on the remote. 🙂

  • Rob

    Great interview Sean,Dave
    I love you guy`s
    As everyone here knows and Sean has stated people just do not want to get it.
    I have shown this audio several times to people hoping, Sean and Dave could pull off
    what I seem not to be able to do which is ‘explain reality’ of the criminal banking empire,how they have been ripped off,how they will be ripped off and they just
    do not give a flying rats behind,They have money, I don`t I just have Gold and Silver,Platinum.They have had it easy with the market because they are very long term
    and they have done well.
    Not unlike yourselves I just want to try to protect them from getting more of it ripped off from them and they just do not want to know.

    Some men/women just cannot be reached you just get a headache trying to explain
    the inevitable.I guess the fight will never be given up but after decades trying, it is getting hard.Might as well talk to a wall.

    Least the dog listens sure gives more appreciation and eye contact.
    Anyway Nice job guy1s

    • SGT

      Thanks a bunch Rob, & friends – really appreciate you guys.

    • Ed_B

      Rob… I know how you feel on this issue. Many of us here have tried to awaken those who slumber but it is a thankless and damn-near-impossible job. You hit the nail on the head, though. These folks COULD wake up and understand what is about to happen but they just do not want to do that. They are comfy, for now, and this sort of talk strains their comfort zone badly.

      They have no clue that if they were to spend even a few thousand dollars on putting in a good supply of food and water, that would improve their chances of survival immensely. No, this is not all that they need to do but it IS a great 1st step. I am afraid that Darwin was quite correct in many of his ideas. They are once again about to be put to the test. Passing this test means survival. Many will fail.

      We can’t help them but we can hurt ourselves and our families by trying. When the SHTF, they will remember the things we have told them and they will come to us with empty hands and bellies, fully expecting us to fill them. But if we do that, we risk the lives and well-being of those whom we love most. Few of us are willing to do that and we are right not to do it. They have made their choice in this and they have chosen poorly. Now all that remains is for them to suffer the consequences of ignoring reality… which they will.

  • Sterl

    Oh, the frustration! My son is very bright – top flight graduate in – wait for it – ECONOMICS from one of the best British universities. Works for a major accountancy firm over here and is now a chartered accountant after 3 further years of hard work/study. A few years ago he bought some silver on my suggestion and has seen the price tumble since. It doesn’t matter how I try to convince him, he is certain he will never recover his outlay and that I’m completely nuts in my belief in pms and the inevitability of collapse. I guess I’ll be here for him when it all goes tits up but his normalcy bias sometimes leaves me incredulous. What the hell do they teach them these days? Keep up the good work chaps.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Instant “wake up” lesson.

      Take an old “silver quarter” (pre ’65), and hold it in front of him, and tell him, “I can buy a GALLON of gas with this quarter, at ANY gas station in the USA, LEGALLY and without any complaints.”

      Then explain you’ll also get back some change. And then, explain, that for now, you’ll have to take that quarter to a COIN shop and SELL it for SCRAP value, take the money they give you and buy that gallon of gas.

      Ask the Economist, WHY doesn’t the FRN’s hold value like your old silver quarter?

      Ask him, if a silver quarter was able to buy a gallon of gas in 1960, and still buys a gallon of gas in 2016, can he see how it will still buy a gallon of gas when the price (in FRN’s) is $25 per gallon?

      I have seen several people’s eyes light up and some of the clouds evaporate from their minds when presented with this “silver lesson” (inflation, devaluation of FIAT, etc)

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Required Viewing by EVERYBODY who has NOT seen this.

      End of the American Dream (Very entertaining & educational video about FIAT money, the FED, taxes, Rothchilds, gold, etc.)

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Here is the OTHER Required viewing by EVERYBODY who has NOT seen these Mike Maloney Videos
      This is number 4 (most YOutube views= over 4 million).

      After watching this (or you may CHOOSE to start with number 1 episode), you will be VERY angry that there are NO MORE to watch. It is THAT good.

      Hidden Secrets of Money.

    • Ed_B


      What they teach is socialist Keynesian economics, which has NO record of success anywhere it has been tried, and not classical economics, which has proven itself to work.

      Libs (includes liberals, socialists, communists, and Marxists) everywhere gravitate to that which does not work while shunning and denigrating that which does. They simply cannot help themselves because they were mis-wired in the womb and never got over it. If their dumb ideas only cost them time, money, effort, frustration, and their lives and limbs, I would be OK with that. It would be their choice and they would be personally responsible for their own decisions. But, no, that is not how they operate. Instead, they want to involve EVERYONE in their stupidity. In many cases, they want to use us as guinea pigs for their experiments while they exempt themselves from the stupid programs that they have created. The so-called “Obama Care” disaster comes to mind but there are many other examples.

  • Christine

    The latest Rob Kirby interview by Greg Hunter is out.

    Boy some people will soon see a sudden reversal of fortune!

    • KRELL427

      Listened a couple of hours ago,Rob is always one of my favorites. Its hard to even feel sorry for people anymore , they just do not want to hear the truth or tell me they don’t have time. There will be a lot of paper wealth disappearing in the coming future and that’s probably what it will take to wake them up.

  • Dissolution

    Good interview Sean. My comment is on the production aspect. I think moving the “new” music to the end of the video, and putting the “old” music at the beginning was a good choice. Not sure what compelled you to make the change, but coming from somewhat of a musical background, it’s something I had thought to recommend on more than one occasion. The “new” music works much better as an ending theme. Good job.

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