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The Empire Files: The Most Dangerous Year for Muslims in America

from teleSUR English:

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Deepa Kumar, professor of media studies at Rutgers University and author of *Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire*, about the roots of this alarming situation. From confronting right-wing arguments, to examining the reality behind Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims, to how Islamophobia is a reinforcement and basis for the structures of Empire, the first Empire Files episode of 2016 gives essential context to the wave of anti-Muslim hate in America and beyond.

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2 comments to The Empire Files: The Most Dangerous Year for Muslims in America

  • anon

    It is my SINCEREST hope, that more and more Americans are FINALLY WAKING (THE HELL!) UP!

    How did “they” do it? (“They” meaning the Western “elites” – the Western International Central Bankers, “EU” Black Nobility, the Crown Corporation/’City’ of London, Rhodes’ Roundtable Groups (such as the Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, etc.) How did “they” get everyone thinking that CAPITALISM is evil, and that the “White” man (non-“Jew”-ish White man) IS TO BLAME? Find out, here:


    Source: X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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  • oneno

    An in-depth interview that missed the core of all problems facing man: over-population.

    There should have been at least a few minutes allocated to defining what is Islam. Graphical depictions of followers performing prayer were provided instead giving a false picture of Islam as many who profess Islam do so quietly without ever setting foot in a public place of prayer.

    The prevalent “powers” always need their scapegoats.

    Dr. Deepa Kumar needs to at least make reference to the work of Kevin Galalae on covert de-population and over-population. Kevin’s books located easily via internet search and downloaded freely

    Without over-population, there would be no RELIGION period!

    Jmmanuel – the man commonly known as Jesus Christ – was against all forms of organized religion.

    Stephen Moore has a web page describing how it is determined that the Earth can hold at most 529 million people or 12 people per sq km.

    We all live on a finite planet with finite resources to service the needs of it’s inhabitants. But more importantly, our spirits have to take on a physical host in the form of a child of man to evolve beyond the need of a physical host. A sojourn process that requires millions of years cycling between living light and living light concealed within a physical body.

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