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The Economy Is Failing And This Collapse Will Be Much Worse Than 2008

from X22 Report:

Episode 871a

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1 comment to The Economy Is Failing And This Collapse Will Be Much Worse Than 2008

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    One VERY interesting point was the USA-IRAN deal. Hahaha.

    It was the central banking deal. The sanctions were lifted, and Iran has agreed to open a Central Bank attached to the SWIFT payment system!!!

    Oh, I see, the Rothchilds were afraid the Iran would jump into the Chinese banking system, sell oil for RMB, and kiss the dollar goodbye.

    So, Iran comes into the “western banking control”, and Iran receives back the $100 Billion dollars of “Frozen funds”, and here’s MY PREDICTION.

    After Iran has gotten back all their money from the West, and Iran has their oil selling on the international markets, then Iran will do the JUMP to China and dump the “Swift” and dump the Western banking control, with RUSSIA & China acting as the bodyguards for Iran to prevent the West from Droning & invading Iran.

    Clever plan by Iran, strategic delay, a bit of clever ass kissing to make the Western banking system “happy”, and Bingo! When Iran has all their ducks in a row, they’ll pull the prayer rug out from under the western banks.

    I love it. Dollar going down the tubes in SO many ways at the same time, it’s gonna come down faster than the NYC-Twin Towers Controlled Demolition.

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