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Talking Markets with Dave Kranzler

from TF Metals Report:

On Wednesday, Denver Dave and I took some time to record a frank discussion about the state of the “markets”. In the end, our ideas and observations all tied together pretty nicely, fitting right in line with the notion that 2016 will be a “year of consequence.”

We begin this recording with the topic we had set out to discuss…namely, the ongoing Chinese yuan devaluations and how/why they are impacting global equity markets. From there, we discuss the brewing catastrophe in high yield and then transition into a discussion of gold. In the end, these topics seem to all come together and I think you’ll find our conclusions to be noteworthy and deserving of your full consideration.


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1 comment to Talking Markets with Dave Kranzler

  • AgShaman

    This one was quite good.

    As far as Barrick….I don’t they will run outta gold as long as the Vulcans keep attacking all supplies that are not well guarded.

    They been melting down the booty for the Enterprise for a very long time

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