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by Andy Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

There’s a good reason I spent the entirety of yesterday’s article discussing the blatancy of the past week’s market rigging’s; as clearly, TPTB are hell bent on “reversing” the ugliest annual start of currency, commodity, and equity trading in global history – no matter that the very same issues that catalyzed it, have decidedly intensified.  To wit, in yesterday’s “very, very last to go,” I espoused that, aside from the same, prototypical gold and silver price suppression algorithms we have observed for years

On a day when everything else plunged – from equities; to commodities, currencies, and economic data – the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average” was simply NOT ALLOWED to decline.  Notice the seven “DLITR,” or “don’t let it turn red” supports at Friday’s close, before it final succumbed to red ink around 1:00 PM.  Followed by an immediate “hail mary” rally to push it back to unchanged.  Which, when that also failed (as oil plunged to the day’s lows), the PPT orchestrated a second, far more egregious “hail mary” – in which the Dow surged 200 points in less than 30 minutes time.”

Well, I could just as well have written the same of yesterday’smanipulations – again, on a day when oil plunged (below $30/bbl at one point); as Treasury yields plunged, and not a shred of positive news was to be found.  I mean, take a look at yesterday’s Dow and gold “trading,” compared to Monday’s, if you had even the slightest doubt of what I’ve been writing of – and quantitative proving – for the past decade…

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These patterns – such as the Dow “dead ringer”; and “key Cartel attack times” like 2:15 AM EST, 8:20 AM EST, 10:00 AM EST, and 12:00 PM EST – have become as ubiquitous as snow during winter.  And yet, essentially no one seems interested, or motivated enough, to discuss them.  Except, of course, the handful of TRUTH seekers who, with each passing day, are becoming more and more popular.  Such as, for example, John Hathaway, whose brilliant article yesterday, “Paper Gold – Utopia for Analysts,” describedexactly what’s going on, and exactly why it will fail.

To that end, this morning has again started with the ubiquitous, middle-of-the-night stock surge that has accounted for all the Dow’s gains over the past decade, despite yet another massive energy inventory build; nary a blip higher in the CRB Commodity Index; and oh yeah, another Chinese stock market decline – this time, 2.4%, to within earshot of August’s lows.

Of course, the POTUS gave his – thankfully, final – “State of the Union” address last night; which, like Fed meetings, are, without exception, “key attack events” for the Cartel, and “key support events” for the PPT.  Not that he said anything material, other than attempting to put “lipstick on the pig” his Presidency has been – likepretending the economy has “recovered,” when quantitativelyspeaking, 93% of America’s 3,100 counties are worse off than when he took the oath of office.  And for the coup de grace, in a statement that millions of dollars’ worth of taxpayer-funded personnel likely pored over for weeks, he warned that we shouldn’t “fear the future.”

Which sounds great on paper – certainly for the “1%” he’ll undoubtedly join on the “retired President’s tour.”  Unless, of course, the annihilation of your financial future is already cast in stone – as is the case for the vast majority of Americans, who have no jobs, certainly not of the “breadwinner” variety, and/or no savings.  And certainly for the global commodities industry – which even Obama knows is the world’s largest revenue producer, and largest source of debt.  Which, care of his unwavering support of hyper-inflationary fiscal policy – and appointment of Janet Yellen to do the same in the monetary world – has ballooned to its highest level in history.

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