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Strongest Door Ever… Police Can’t Break It! [Door 1, Police 0]

from Viral Vids:

Police were searching for people from a counterfeiters network, but the door would not yield. The building owner who rented the apartment, would not say how he “armored” the door. After 15 minutes the police managed to break the door, unfortunately nobody was home.

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13 comments to Strongest Door Ever… Police Can’t Break It! [Door 1, Police 0]

  • Haaha

    I hear you knock knock knocking but you cant come in!

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    That was funny.

    it would have been easier to knock a hole in the concrete wall.

    I love that door & the solid wall that supports it.

    That is what we call GOOD construction techniques & proper materials.

    That gives me a great idea to make it better, is to embed all the mountings (door frame) in a layer of about 3/4″ of rubber (like car tire rubber) to ABSORB all the SHOCKS/vibrations, and then to spring back into it’s original position.

  • Hugo

    Lol, reminds me of my late granddad, a security expert that made sure his house was never in danger. When a waterpipe sprung a leak while he and grandmom were on holliday (they lived on the upper floor) it took the police and fire department almost an hour to get the front door open. The easiest way to improve your house of getting busted is placing a pole on the inside to cushion the bashing in of the door. If one has the means, make the door of material that will not break like the door in this video. That way one can make the door last longer. Regards, Hugo

    • Ed_B

      A simple way to add some kick-in resistance to a door is to drill a 1/2″ hole in the floor next to the door, take a round and tapered steel chisel, and stick it in the hole so that 4-6″ of it block the door. A block of wood can be drilled to just fit over the upper half of the chisel to help hold it in place. This is the $5 fix that anyone could do to buy a couple of minutes when someone tries to kick in their door in the middle of the night.

      If someone were breaking into my house in the middle of the night, I would not know who they were and would assume that they are home invaders coming in to rob and kill me and my wife. I would respond appropriately by resisting such a threat with everything I have. Any cops needing to speak with me are welcome to come to the door and knock like civilized human beings… hopefully during typical awake hours. I do not wish to harm anyone but at the same time I also wish not to BE harmed by anyone else.

      Episodes like this bring to mind an idea I had years ago, which was to have house doors open OUT rather than IN. If this is done, the entire door frame supports the door and makes it MUCH more difficult to kick in. Make the door and frame out of steel that is solidly attached to the house frame with 4″ long steel screws and your house door would be VERY solid and not easily broken down.

      Interestingly enough, all US public buildings and business buildings where the public is allowed are required by code to have doors that open out and not in so that people escaping a fire will not all pack together in front of inward opening doors and be unable to escape.

  • Sam

    The funny part to me was the neighbor finally opening their door to see what the knocking was all about – then when opened for a micro second, slammed the door shut 🙂

  • karate kid

    hit the side with the hinges

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Perhaps you have never seen these high strength HOUSE doors before? You can CUT the hinges OFF with a torch and the door still won’t open because they are built like a BANK VAULT door, with big, thick DEAD BOLTS on the HINGE side,and multiple thick, long LIVE BOLTS on the TOP, Bottom and handle side.

      Those doors, are not very common in the USA, but they are MUCH more common outside the USA, and I have an old friend in Europe who has this door installed on their home. I’ve seen it, handled it, and it’s AWESOME.

      Look at this video of how these doors are designed and built. I think this door, costs over $2,000. But as you can see, nobody is getting thru it just by kicking it open.

      They are also very FIRE resistant. They are more in-demand in apartment buildings or for anybody who is concerned with fire or thieves coming thru it.

      Best, strongest HOUSE door, bullet proof, fire proof, and DEA proof.

  • Christine

    If the owner ever comes back, he’s now up s**t creek without a paddle… ISIS-dressed cops busted the lock! Nobody can get in any longer!

  • KRELL427

    Must be made out of same material as terrorist passports.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Fireproof, crashproof Passport material. Yep. They gotta make Fire Department suits from that material.

      It’s amazing how many terrorist passports make it thru collapsing-burning buildings, flaming plane crashes from 30,000 feet, and not a scratch on them.

  • KRELL427

    Even nano thermite can’t melt them. Maybe formula 1 could build their suspension parts out of them. Will send some info to Adrian Newey

  • Rob

    Idiots…The walls are probably just drywall 5/8 each side.
    You can put your fist through that.

    If the walls are block that door key could work on that too
    No big deal.(unless of course they are poured with concrete
    Most buildings are built cheap nowadays.

    Why work so hard ?


    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      @Rob, don’t confuse USSA construction codes & methods with the rest of the world. Most places have been using poured concrete with re-bar for decades. America is famous for light duty construction that most of the world just laughs at our methods.

      The apartment building, is most likely Europe (Spain?), and I deduce this, not by the Spanish or Portuguese language and labels on their backs, but by the Heater-radiator system in the hallway.

      Those are very common in Europe (not common SOUTH of the USA border).

      I’ve seen some construction methods in some of Europe, and cemented BLOCKS and POURED concrete with steel reinforcing is the normal method.

      When they come to the USSA and see our sheet rock wall coverings on top of “2X4’s”, they consider our methods nothing but cheap shit. (and they are right).

      It’s common in Europe to have VERY substantial doors, and their modern window systems are amazingly useful and extremely high quality.

      I do agree, that if that scene was happening in the USSA, those cops could have stomped their way thru the walls.

      When you look at videos of damage in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc, you’ll notice that ALL the buildings are made with steel reinforced, poured concrete, bullet proof, but not artillery proof.

      Sad how our construction methods won’t even stop a shotgun slug from going through MULTIPLE walls before it stops.

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