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Strange and Crazy in the Financial World

by Gary Christenson, Deviant Investor:

It’s been crazy so long it feels like normal …

1. Several $ Trillion in global debt “pays” negative interest. Loan your capital to an essentially bankrupt government and lose a portion of that capital every year! Strange and crazy!

2. The US government runs deficits – every year – in the $500 Billion to $1 Trillion range. These are the official deficits, not what GAAP accounting would calculate. So what? Just print and borrow more. Strange and crazy!

3. The Fort Knox Bullion Depository is so important that almost no one is allowed inside, even the President. It is so important that the gold has not been (truly) audited during the past 60+ years. They use armed guards, fences, motion detectors and much more to protect the gold that supposedly is vaulted behind those 22 ton doors. But at current gold prices the 147 million ounces of gold is valued at only about $160 Billion.

The official national debt is over 100 times larger and the official debt increases by the entire value of the Fort Knox gold in roughly two months.  Strange and crazy!

4. The Fed is all important. We hang (pun intended) on every word.  Media people analyze tiny nuances from Fed statements.  But the Fed is the “Wizard” behind the green curtain.  From Bob Moriarty:

“100 years of history proves that the Fed is clueless.  The mismatch between interest rates and risk today is absolutely insane.  My opinion is that the whole financial system is going to blow sky high.”  [Strange and crazy!]

Dow Jones Ind Avg: May 2015 high:  18,350, Jan. 13, 2016 16,151, down 12%

S&P 500 Index:       May 2015:  2,126, Jan. 13, 2016 1,890, down 11%

NASDAQ Composite:   July 2015 high:  5,230, Jan. 13, 2016 4,526, down 13.5%

Shanghai Comp Average: June 2015 high:  5,176, Jan. 13, 2016 2,950, down 43%

“The Societe Generale expert says if the U.S. economy tumbles into a recession led by low manufacturing output, the U.S. market will sink a whopping 75%.”  Diane Alter

Gerold’s Blog reported that as of January 8 there were no cargo ships operating in the Atlantic Ocean, something that has never happened before.

The CRB index of commodity prices just hit a 40 year low.

The Baltic Dry Index is down to an all-time low.

Strange and crazy!

From The Burning Platform:

“The third speculative boom in the last fifteen years fueled by Federal Reserve idiocy is about to become the third bust in the last fifteen years.  The unwashed masses who believe what they are told by CNBC are going to be pretty pissed off when they lose half their retirement savings again.  None of their highly paid financial advisors are telling them to expect 0% returns over the next twelve years, but that is their fate.  The numbers don’t lie over the long term.” 

“At current market valuations, a run of the mill bust will result in a 50% decline.  A bust that puts valuations back to 1982 bear market lows would result in a decline exceeding 75%.”

Strange and crazy!

2016 is an election year and will probably be a recession year.  An outright market crash, such as what is ongoing in China, is certainly possible.  The US stock market crashed in 2008 and the US elected a Democrat for President, as if it mattered.  A crash in 2016 might cause Wall Street funding to support, and the voting machines to elect, a Republican for President, as if it mattered.

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3 comments to Strange and Crazy in the Financial World

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    They MUST guard the secret of the gold-clad TUNGSTEN BARS.

    • A guy from Ukraine

      It’s not a secret ever since the scam surfaced back in 2009. Not for sovereing governments with eyes to see and ears to hear anyway. It’s still a secret for the sheeple people but as some MSM host noted Gold is barbarian relic, so what use of it for an ordinary Jack? He can’ t drive it, or eat it. He can’ t deposit it with a bank at a profit or pay with a golden coin at a grocery store. It’ s not until the cartel loses control over the market rigging and the dollar value plummets to zero that the sheeple wake up to the centuries old truth that paper money is only good as the faith you put in it as opposed to gold and silver which have intrinsic value By themselves. Besides faith paper money is only as good as the paper you use for it.

  • AgShaman

    Sorry Gary, but the gold is valued at only 6.2 Billion.

    Which, btw…is the secret to the ESF shenanigans as per the Burns/Kissinger/Greenspan memoran-dumb from 1975

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