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Sprott Money News “Ask The Expert” with David Morgan

from Sprott Money:

Renowned silver expert David Morgan, publisher of “The Morgan Report” discusses supply and demand trends in the silver market as well as the silver the silver mining companies.

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3 comments to Sprott Money News “Ask The Expert” with David Morgan

  • tomche

    I am sorry, but David Morgan is like the bland, dry finance guy in an exciting start-up…you want to keep him for his acumen but make sure he’s in the back room, away from all the media… too boring and uninspiring….
    If only he were a bit more like Jobs (RIP)…brilliance with panache !
    But alas….we have brilliance with the feeling of paint drying…

  • jskauai

    So I have been hearing from various sources one of which is David that silver eagles are being bought by some “big entity” in a greater % than “we the stackers”. So my question is why silver eagles? Is the intent of this entity nefarious? Does this entity believe that some day silver eagles will become money again in the way Ron Paul was asking Ben Bernanke to allow?

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