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from James Perloff:

I’ve never written a negative article about someone else in alternative media. Doing so can play into the PTB’s “divide and conquer” strategy. However, today I’m making an exception.

When Rebekah Roth’s Methodical Illusion appeared a year ago, I rejoiced. A flight attendant joining the Truth Movement! I heard her impressively interviewed on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report. I personally commended her for her book (to which she cordially replied), gave it a 5-star Amazon review, linked to her from this website, and recommended her to radio hosts I knew.


I was therefore surprised in August to receive an unpleasant email from Roth, directed against myself. Since the email was private, I kept my reply, factually debunking her allegations, private also. However, I resolved that if she took her accusations public, I would also go public, so people could see precisely what had been said, and decide the matter for themselves. I did not hear back from her.

I did, however, do something I’d never done with anyone before: removed Roth from this website’s “links” page. Incidentally, Roth’s website links to nobody.

I’d almost forgotten the episode until a couple of weeks ago, when a Truther friend sent me a video of Jim Fetzer interviewing Allen Powell about Roth. A major focus: the uncanny resemblance between Roth’s voice and that of a “Moniker Gainor,” who pitches doTERRA essential oils on a show called “pHix Your Health.” My friend had begun listening in the middle of the Fetzer interview, thought she was hearing a clip of Roth, and was stunned to learn it was “Gainor.” I suggest starting around the 13-minute mark, and decide for yourself:

Also, the voice of Michael Harris, the “pHix Your Health” man introducing Gainor, markedly resembles Roth’s radio co-host, “RamJet.”

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  • Windrunner56

    There is also a very compelling between Pete Santilli and Kurt Haskins (the lawyer who outed the underwear bomber), and it is very revealing. She is a CIA plant. Her IP address leads back to Langley. Pete asked her to prove her existence (income tax return, school records, training records) and she stated “that as friends I should not have to lower myself). Hmmmmmm

    She was very convincing, I heard her interview with Sean and it was fantastic. As it turns out, someone behind her is deserving of a director’s award. As for the Monika gainor voice, no doubt it is the same.

    Just another attempt to sidetrack the truth.

    • SGT

      My friend Sofia Smallstorm called this correctly from day one. She believed that Rebekah was not who she says she is – so I asked Rebekah and then knew that “Rebekah Roth” was a pen name going into the second interview. But I have no problem with someone trying to protect their identity if they are on the side of truth. What I don’t get about this story though is that in my interviews with Rebekah, she has been nothing but forthright, courteous and sincere. And the information she has conveyed about 9/11 has teeth. So the CIA connection makes no sense to me at all. I need more info about the claims of her metadata leading back to Langley.

      • willygroper


        SS is one smart cookie. A friend also called my attention to her being a plant. Check out the wig & glasses.

        I too, was hoodwinked by the truthiness as is with all these infiltrators. The voice seals it for me.

        Just sent you an email Sean.

        The link also seals it for me, especially a lot of group think on certain groups.
        They’re all working together.

        Rabidly awaiting your opinion on the link.

        Post it, if you deem worthy.

        Counter-Reformation folks…that is the apex of the pyramid.

      • Windrunner56

        Sean I would suggest you:

        1. Contact Santilli.

        2. Have Kurt Haskins as a guest. He did the research on her.

        Your interview was great. You can only do so much when vetting guests.

        BTW Santilli and Haskins did NOT state she was a CIA plant, only that her IP address led to Langley. The dots were connected but not proven. But she is extremely well spoken and convincing.

        There is always more…..

      • Christine

        I fully agree with you Sean. Something is fishy here and it is not Rebekah Roth. Given how much information Rebekah has published and how closely it was connected to Langley, I too fully understand why she would protect her identity.

        I listened to both voices: there are similarities but it does not sound to me as being the same person. Besides, Gainor speaks faster and does not use the same mannerism, Roth’s voice ton is slightly more metallic and she pauses a lot more often. Listen to both and start comparing the use of “well”, “yet” and other such conjunctions as well as the grammar. It takes some training but anyone can do it.

        I am always taken aback by the knee-jerk speed at which people are willing to gobble up any “juicy” tidbit, regardless whether it makes any sense and what the source of it is, as long as it can throw enough discredit and sabotage legitimate efforts to find the truth. What’s the agenda there?

        I also have a lot of difficulty with people who render public their private disagreements while withholding most of the info. So, Perloff got an “alleged” unpleasant e-mail and his feelings were hurt? Get over it! To immediately assume that Roth was going to go public (I do not recall that she has gone public against anyone over any private matter) strikes me as pretty paranoid.

        This country has completely lost any objectivity and discernment!

        • windrunner56

          Christine if you are suggesting that she is a whistleblower from within the CIA (perhaps I misread don’t know), I do not think that glasses and a wig would hide her identity since the CIA uses voice recognition all the time. I would encourage you to google (actually Startpage not google) Pete Santilli interview with Kurt Haskill. It is a good take. Gotta consider all avenues.

          I did as I said, thought RR’s interview with Sean was convincing. So……we will continue to search.

          • Christine

            No. I am not suggesting anything. I am only addressing Perloff’s underhanded post and Fetzer’s inability to analyze voices before jumping to erroneous and misleading conclusions.

            • noname

              There was really something fishy about her since the first interview in SGTReport. Unlike other materials, I held back in forwarding the link to friends. The unbelievably huge piles of shocking “revelations” came much too late…more than a decade??? Her website was also rather suspiciously ‘under designed’ for new materials as if deliberate; was it intended to collect IP addresses of visitors? I couldn’t tell. But what really tipped me off was that none of the photos of the Israel students could be verified – all conveniently hid their faces …which I immediately highlighted here on SGTReport.

              Now this… She should have remained anonymous if she feared her life was in danger. Wig and glasses seem lame. I would doubt she hadn’t heard about facial recognition technology. And … having a pen name for a non-fiction??? Seriously! I would believe it if you told me Sean himself is protecting his identity. I don’t think I have seen him in wigs and glasses or as himself for that matter. 🙂 “Rebekah Roth”? NO.

              We ought to be cautious…be on the fence always. Many tend to jump onto the bandwagon too easily when something supports our argument.

      • Windrunner56

        Hey Sean, upon further research myself, if you go to Susan Posel’s website Occupy Corporatism, it is apparent she has outed Pete Santilli (with documents) as an FBI informant. Kind of interesting how he was at the Hammond Ranch in Oregon at the beginning. Hmmmm. He had what looked like guards (secret service?) around him and was afforded a little more comfort. Not saying he is, but considering he went heavy on RR, who knows who or what is true anymore. Still, Kurt Haskell would provide a good interview.

        I had stated earlier that I thought Oregon may have been the false flag needed to bring in the executive order on Gun Control, it seemed a little suspicious particularly since Oathkeepers did not run to their rescue. Anyway, keep up the fight.


  • KSKing

    William Allen Powell and Jim Fetzer have exposed her, check out the recent episodes here;

    I wonder why Sofia did not make her suspicions public? I checked out on her after her last interview here, something about her just was not right. But I did not say anything online.

    And RR being a pen name I don’t believe was ever a secret. Rebekah, Monika, Koreann all false names. She is a practiced deceiver.

    As to what or who she really is… no idea. As to what her purpose is/was… I don’t believe she has (or will now) completed her objective, but I suspect it is tied with her third upcoming book.

    She is not the only fraud within the Truth/Alt media. Infiltration/subversion, wolves in sheep’s clothing, disinformation agents are SOP for intelligence organizations. And you better believe they’re gonna be thick anyplace where legitimate people are seeking the truth.

  • Drew

    I think the main take away from this is to keep the BS meter turned on. As long as we are asking questions and keeping a healthy doubt, everything is going well. People will eventually figure out this Rebecca Roth thing. She doesn’t get a free pass just because she’s “among friends.” She needs to show photos of herself in uniform and any other supporting info. Sorry, it’s the times we live in, she should know she put herself into the firing line.

    • Windrunner56

      Here inlies the rub Drew. She was asked by Pete Santilli to verify her credentials by way of photos, paystub, Tax return, college papers or something, and she got heated, saying he should just believe her, they are friends. He continued and it did not go well.

      So whether we think she is authentic or not, something is not quite right. More will come up I am sure.

      • Christine


        I don’t get why “something is not quite right”. Many people have written under pen names. Ever heard of Mark Twain? Nowadays, it is even much more common, given the intense paranoia which has gripped the West and the tendency whisttleblowers have to be suicided. Ask Michael Hastings!

        If Santilli (a self-centered nobody with an enormous ego and not much in terms of claims to fame and accomplishments) doesn’t get that and can’t put it in his thick head that Roth may not necessarily want to die prematurely, too bad. To destroy someone’s reputation and credentials over that is callous, unprofessional and unconscionable.

        Then again… consider the source! As far as I am concerned, Roth has made a compelling case that the planes were not in the air and that the “phone calls” could not have been placed from 30,000 feet or even lower, and the language used by the so-called flight attendants was completely anachronistic. She’s been the first one to publish some pretty damning documents. I don’t know what Santilli’s angle is (but that guy has NEVER conducted an investigation in his life worthy of that name), I don’t know what Perloff’s beef is and I don’t know what Fetzer is after but none of them has convinced me of anything other than what Roth had already admitted to Sean, i.e., SHE USES A PEN NAME!!! Somehow, that makes her guilty? Of what? Keep in mind that, when Fetzer was kicked from V.T., he went all over alternative media to badmouth Duff, V.T. and everyone he could disparage.

        Such a mature reaction! For me, those guys are all self-promoting clowns out for “a good story” and ready to make it up as needed.

  • Christine

    And may I remind you all that… you don’t divulge your ID either when blogging. I guess, it is “prudence” when it is about you but “fraud” when it is about someone who really uncovered a shitload of info?

    Narrow sightedness can really piss me off.

    • Windrunner56

      Lighten up Francis! (Stripes – favourite line :). All I am saying Christine is that if you listen to the interview with Kurt Haskell – he has some compelling arguments. Whether you choose to side one way or another is your prerogative.

      I agree with the information she provided. 9/11 will go down in infamy and many theories because we will NEVER know for sure. Listen to the interview. That is all I am saying.

      No need to get pissed off. We all want the same thing. If we all thought the very same, we would get no where. Peace girl…..

      • Christine

        It’s not about taking side. It’s about double, triple cross-checking before destroying someone’s reputation and spreading gossips. ‘Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.’ (Socrates)

  • Christine

    You’ve got a link?

    • Windrunner56

      Just go to You Tube and type in Rebekah Roth – Methodical Deceit – A real investigation by Kurt Haskell, on the Pete Santilli Show. Haskell is a lawyer who has done an incredible amount of research and knows her real name, famiily roots, etc. But he will not out her, to save her privacy. UNLESS she attacks him then the gloves are off. You can draw further conclusions from that.

      I never send links, actually don’t know how. I am not too savvy with all these little buttons 🙂 I was one of those cynics who said in 1982 that computers and the internet were a phase 🙁

    • Windrunner56

      Actually Christine, just click on Perloff’s name at the top and scroll down his page, the second video after Fetzer’s is the Methodical Deceit video. 53 minutes long or so…

      • Christine


        I read everything, including Haskell’s research about R.R., I listened to everything and… other than R.R. is a pseudonym, I am not convinced one way or the other. And I can’t figure out the connection Haskell made between “Sara”, R.R. and Gainor. So, I’ll reserve my opinion for right now, knowing full well that life is stranger than fiction… But I do find it interesting that, as Haskell was conducting his research, web pages would disappear under his nose and he documented it very credibly. So, he may very well be onto something.

        I listened to this guy a couple of days ago. Didn’t know him but you might want to hear what he says: his take on things is curing me from wanting to find out at any price. And putting a hell of a damper on my enthusiasm for Disclosure. Do we really want the truth and can we, collectively, handle it?

        • Windrunner56

          Yes, well aware of Jordan Maxwell. Will watch this tonite. FYI, he has been ruined for his truths. I listened to 2 interviews in the past two years, one on Infowars and the other on Jeff Rense whereby he talks of living in his office then damn near on the streets because they ruined him. He began the research many many years ago. He is one if not the pre-eminent thinker particularly on the occult. He talks very much on maritime law, the true meaning of your birth certificate, many other subjects. He is one of the great patriots, in my opinion.

          Thanks for this, I always enjoy something I have yet to see.

          As for the Haskell interview, just use it to keep the knowledge pouring in. That is what I do.

          BTW read your comments on “Splitting the Sky”. Knew of him as Chase BC is half an hour away from where I grew up. He was well known…Something definitely happened out of the…ordinary.

  • KELL427

    The tavistock insttitute must be loving this. The truth movement is busy wasting energy fighting amongst themselves as the cabal continues to carry out their agenda. Divide and conquer, I beleive Rebekah or whatever her name is has put the puzzle together better than any other explanation I have heard to date. I will continue to listenn to all because you never know where your next peice of the puzzle may lie. A good example was Kevin Trudeau, after listenneng to full interveiws there was always a few very important tidbids of knowledge to extract. I have helped alot of family and friends with health issues using products learned from him and his guests. It also turned out to be a stepping stone to ather valuable info I was able to find once wide awake .

    • Christine


      Jordan Maxwell AND Nassim Haramein BOTH tied it all together for me: we’re not in charge of the plan.

      Life is here, now and we don’t need to know everything in order to enjoy it.

      And, because religion did such a job on us, Anita Moorjani added what we needed: “There’s no hell”.

      We can check out whenever we want to and nothing will happen to us if we do. But if we choose to stick around, why not make it pleasurable and joyful until all humans really realize they were holding on to the bars of a cage which never existed in the first place?

      • KRELL427

        I have listenned to all Jordan’s stuff and purchased his cd with all his research archives on it. He is also being called a dis info agent but I still find his research to be more parameter stretching than anyone else I have listenned to.

  • IMHO

    1. per haskell, her real identity has no internet footprint, impossible w/o some help. yet they intentionally left some breadcrumbs to her 2nd fake identity. so far looks like she’s a psyop designed to discredit anyone in the truth movement.

    2. if so, after a yrs promotion in the truth movement, one has to ask why she was never on alex jones for maximum penetration?

    3. kudos to everyone swiftly publically disassociating w a fraud. still waiting on rense. personally, the longer its taking anyone to publically remove the cancer, the more suspicios.

    4. one has to wonder why they/she chose to spell the fake avatar name “rebekah roth”. very odd choice to spell rebekah, roth pretty obvious (rothschild). per gematria (a=1, b=2, etc), rebekah roth equates to 666.

  • NIX

    Who give a flying fuck about “REBEKAH ROTH” some americans are willing to give they’re life to protect our freedom!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s fucking pathetic!


  • anastasia

    Yes, please ask Haskell to come onto your show. Here are my questions:

    How does Haskell connect Roth to Bulla/Folger. I believe he said it was through a “tip” from someone who knows her, and through photo from the 1970’s, and through resemblance to other family members of Bulla/Folger.

    If it is through a tip by someone who says she knows her, please give us the following information (appreciating that this tipster does not want his/her identity known)

    (1) How well does the tipster know Bulla/Folger
    (2) Are they friends, acquaintances, or is Bulla/Folger just someone the tipster has seen from time to time around town or from the area.
    (3) what is the basis of the tipster’s knowledge that Bulla/Folger is Roth, i.e. appearance, voice, both, admission that she is Roth;
    (4) what does the tipster know about Bulla/Folger’s background. How did she learn about the background
    (4) did the tipster ever speak to Bulla/Folger about being Roth, or about anything else
    (5) How did Haskell receive the tip (eg. by e-mail, facebook, telephone call). Did he ever speak to the tipster or ask her any questions about their relationship.

    When Haskell went to the Way Back Machine to get the photo of Realtor Koreann Ashlie from Madison Realty, did he see any photo before it disappeared; if he saw a photo was it the same photo of Monida Gainor?

    I have checked with the Dept. of Licensing in Washington and confirmed that KoreAnn Ashlie had a salesperson (not a broker) license from 2004 through 2009, when it expired. The ad for salesperson KoreAnn Ashlie looks fake. Did he ever find out if Madison Realty is a real brokerage firm in Washington, because if it is like all other states, a realty salesperson has to work through a broker, if the salesperson does not have a broker’s license.

  • anastasia

    It is not a waste of time to investigate Roth, and I’ll tell you why. If she has a theory, her theory can be accepted or rejected, as it is only an opinion.

    But she is claiming personal knowledge of certain “facts”. These facts are
    (1) she knows the stewardesses involved and can vouch that they existed, were on the plane, that the plane flew that date, that the stewardesses were innocent and that the stewardesses are dead

    (2) she claims she has personal knowledge of a Flight Termination System that is a device that some airlines have put on planes. This device, she says, is used legitimately by the airlines in case the pilots cannot fly the plane (are unconscious, etc.). She says that this device has the effect of cutting off all communication with the ground; of cutting off the transponder, and of cutting off all communication between the cockpit and the stewardesses outside the cockpit.

    Therefore, if we believe her, we are bound to believe these “facts” because she said she has personal knowledge of these “facts” because she is an airline stewardess.

    She has also said that someone from Westover called her and told her that on 911 when this military person was on duty there, they evacuated all personnel from the base and put them up in hotels.

    I called Westover and spoke to a marine who is now Military Housing Director at the base. He said they have off base housing, but have not had on-base housing since 1972. He later told me that there was no evaculation from the base on 911, but there was a heightened alert. When I asked him about on-base housing, he had no idea why I was calling. I told him it was because I was having an argument with someone.

    Roth used this anonymous call to confirm her theory about Westover, but as it turns out, either Roth is lying about this call or the person who communicated with her is lying, but it is more likely the former than it is the latter.

    And if it is the former, it means that Roth will do anything, even lie about the facts of 911, to sell her book, or to do the bidding of someone else.

    You’re not supposed to lie about 911 when you are supposed to be engaging in struggle to find the truth about 911.

    • jarheadwife

      Yes, most bases have off base ‘housing’ that is used by active duty personnel who work there on a day to day basis. But you also have active ‘reserve’ duty components that ‘drill’ on a monthly/weekend schedule who usually have a civilian job outside maybe miles away from base. So when the reservist comes to the base for the ‘drill’ weekend, they are usually given a room in the base lodging which is like a hotel. If that lodging is sometimes filled then they will put service member up in a hotel outside the base to accommodate their stay. This is pretty standard for all reservists. As I write this I am staying in lodging in another air reserve base while my husband does his monthly weekend drill. The caller to Roth regarding Westover makes total sense. And since there were 4 different military exercises going on days leading up to and on 9/11 and everything was compartmentalized and many unaware as to what other units were doing, it’s very feasible that the base was evacuated or shut down for some reason. Don’t be too hard on Roth, whoever she is, she has been given information trying so many things together, more than a many truthers. Maybe someone in the ‘know’ wants us all to finally know.

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