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SECRETS OF GOLD [Ed. Note: Must-Know Truth Resides Here]

While India, China and Russia buy gold by the ton, the big western nations would prefer gold remain in a museum.

from H2, via The Best Documentary In The World 2015:

The Golden Rule: Those who have the gold, rule. Documentary featuring Andrew Maguire, Eric Sprott & other precious metals manipulation whistleblowers.

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1 comment to SECRETS OF GOLD [Ed. Note: Must-Know Truth Resides Here]

  • Silver Shield

    Don’t get fooled by Bankster gold.
    They own it. They control it. They keep it bid up.
    The truth is that there is 6x as much gold as there is silver above ground as silver.
    And gold has very little industrial uses next to the growing estimate of 10,000 uses silver has.
    And yet silver is 76x cheaper than gold!

    Load the boat on silver while you can.

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