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Saudi Arabia is Buying Up American Farmland to Export Agricultural Products Back Home

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Just what we need, cornfield crucifixions.

Seriously though, this is very troubling. The Saudis are explicitly conserving their own resources at home, while exploiting land and water supplies here in America.

CNBC reports:


Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf countries are scooping up farmland in drought-afflicted regions of the U.S. Southwest, and that has some people in California and Arizona seeing red.

Saudi Arabia grows alfalfa hay in both states for shipment back to its domestic dairy herds. In another real-life example of the world’s interconnected economy, the Saudis increasingly look to produce animal feed overseas in order to save water in their own territory, most of which is desert. 

Privately held Fondomonte California on Sunday announced that it bought 1,790 acres of farmland in Blythe, California — an agricultural town along the Colorado River — for nearly $32 million. Two years ago, Fondomont’s parent company, Saudi food giant Almarai, purchased another 10,000 acres of farmland about 50 miles away in Vicksburg, Arizona, for around $48 million.:

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1 comment to Saudi Arabia is Buying Up American Farmland to Export Agricultural Products Back Home

  • Christine

    Now here is an interesting thought…

    IF the House of Saud falls after having bought whatever, what happens to everything it purchased right BEFORE falling? Would those contracts still be valid under a new government? I guess it would all depend in whose name the purchases were made, right?

    Should we really waste time and energy fearing what the House of Saud does today without asking in whose name first? (And I have a pretty good idea it isn’t on behalf of the Sovereign Country of Saudi Arabia…)

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