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Sanders Concerned About Microsoft Hacking Iowa Vote

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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  • tomche

    Bernie is a fake and a fraud. While his Rhetoric seems to indicate that he is willing tons stand against the Corporate elite and the military industrial complex, his voting record is precisely the opposite. Indeed, Bernie has never voted against an ADL issue and has always voted unwavering support for Israel and their genocidal destruction of the Palestinian’s. He voted for Obamacare. Here is his latest:

    Responding to pressure from critics, including Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced Thursday that he will co-sponsor a bill to repeal protections for gun manufacturers and dealers that he voted for in 2005.

    The Guardian reports:

    In 2005 Sanders voted for a bill that shields manufacturers and dealers from legal liability in cases “resulting from criminal or unlawful misuse” of their guns by a third party. Sanders was a member of the House of Representatives at the time, and 12 years earlier had voted against the Brady Bill, which imposed federal background checks and a waiting period on gun purchase.

    The bill, named after Ronald Reagan’s press secretary Jim Brady, paralyzed by an assassin’s gunshot meant for the president, eventually passed with Reagan’s endorsement. […]

    On Wednesday staff for Sanders campaign met with Hector Adames, a gun control advocates who has joined with the Brady Campaign. Adames’ 13-year-old nephew was shot dead in a gun accident, and in 2009 the US supreme court rejected their challenge of protections for the gun industry.

    In a call with reporters on Thursday, Adames said: “I can’t stop smiling, I’m almost in shock.”

    Adames said he and other advocates hoped for Sanders “to make a wrong a right. That he responded so quickly is almost amazing.”

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