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“Policing For Profit”: Cops Claimed Couple Had Drugs, But They Were Really Looking for Cash

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

There’s no doubt that many abuses have become entrenched in the devastating war against drugs – in which rights have been tossed aside and police have been trained to become thugs.

The most recent episode released via dashcam video proves the point.

This couple were stopped while returning from a family members’ funeral by Tennessee cops who were part of the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, who badgered them to allow police to search their vehicle – despite the fact that they had done nothing to garner police attention other than having an out of state license plate.

As Matt Agorist at the Free Thought Project reported:

In May of 2014, Ronnie and Lisa Hankins were driving back from his grandfather’s funeral in Virginia when they were targeted by a gang of police officers in search of cash…. the 23rd Judicial District Drug Task Force, and Hankins [himself a military police officer] correctly predicted that they were about to be pulled over.


The couple was then pulled over, and the officer quickly separated them before beginning his harassment of Lisa. In the video, the officer is heard badgering Lisa in an attempt to get her to consent to a search.

“You say there’s not anything illegal in it. Do you mind if I search it today to make sure?” the officer asked.

Lisa responded, “I’d have to talk to my husband.”

The cop continued to intimidate and harass her, “I am asking you for permission to search your vehicle today — and you are well within your rights to say ‘no,’ and you can say ‘yes.’ It’s totally up to you as to whether you want to show cooperation or not.”


“It seems like Nazi Germany,” said Ronnie. “You’ve got to have the paperwork and the proper authorities to come through Tennessee.”

After the police failed to intimidate the couple into “consenting” to a search, the unit pulled out a K-9 dog, who unsurprisingly, gave a positive indication on the car – fitting with the training of a police dog, and the agenda of its drug war efforts.

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5 comments to “Policing For Profit”: Cops Claimed Couple Had Drugs, But They Were Really Looking for Cash

  • Time to remind God that people are supposed to reap what they sow. No one can do wrong in the name of doing right, and not bring down suffering on themselves.

    • Ed_B

      I have no doubt that they WILL be reminded of that and rather severely at that.

      So, looking for money, were they? Why? Money is not evidence of a crime. It is completely legal to have money in our possession, even in large amount. Police suspicion is not evidence nor is it probable cause for a search. If it was, they would never need a search warrant.

      In the meantime, most defense attorneys will destroy that case because there was no probably cause for a search and the people searched were browbeaten into agreeing to a search. Never ever allow a search to occur without a warrant. Never ever agree to such a search. Never allow police into your home without a warrant because that will be taken as agreement to a search. Speak with any policeman who speaks to you but be civil. If hard questions are asked, tell them that you wish to contact your attorney before answering them. That will usually cool their zeal. If not, then prepare to sue them for lots of money so that this kind of police financial brutality can be curtailed, if not completely eliminated.

  • AgShaman

    The trick with the K-9 dogs is what people should educate themselves on.

    When the popo cannot badger you into giving consent to the search….out comes the dog. What is being missed by people is the officer inducing a false positive with his K-9 accomplice. The officer will work the dog into a frenzy until enough time has passed whereby he believes he can trick his animal into giving a false positive.

    Civil Asset Forfeiture is a business model

  • Christine

    “Episode released via dashcam video…

    What am I missing? There is evidence enough to go after the cops as any true fighter would and should do. Especially a federal agent fully aware of his rights. And, assuming the story is true, he would win. Why is the victim whining instead of taking legal action? Or have people become so convinced this country is finished that they won’t even challenge anything any longer?

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