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PEAK GOLD — Geologist & CEO, Wade Hodges


As criminal governments continue to burn fiat currencies to the ground, there will be a return to PHYSICAL GOLD as money – at the exact same time it’s getting harder and harder to find. Wade Hodges, the renowned geologist and CEO of Nevada Exploration, Inc. joins me to discuss the harsh realities of searching for PHYSICAL gold in a peak gold world. Despite record spending on finding gold in recent years, production of the world’s most valuable monetary asset continues to fall. But this geologist – who has already found 30 MILLION ounces of the yellow metal in his career – has a few tricks up his sleeve that may just lead him to the mother lode.

NOTE For a good laugh, compare the 30 million ounces of gold Wade Hodges has discovered in his lifetime, to that of Discovery channel’s Gold Rush “prospector” Todd Hoffman. Click HERE.

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14 comments to PEAK GOLD — Geologist & CEO, Wade Hodges

  • CalSailX

    Gold isn’t hard to find, what is hard to find is gold you can make a profit mining. You find the gold do the sampling, and a good prospector is going to look at his numbers move on when that’s the only logical thing to do. It’s numbers, make the numbers, then you have to get into the pay to play league.

    To do anything else to know how to keep your mouth shut.

    • SGT

      Cali writes, “Gold isn’t hard to find” …

      Right… Here’s a bunch:
      It’s paying for it that gets a little tricky.

      • Eric

        Just takes a little work, patience, and determination.

      • Ed_B

        LOL @SGT

        Paying for it is not all that tricky. I mean, heck, guys-n-gals, the folks who sell PMs are willing to take fiat paper in trade for it. Now, is that a deal or what? They get paper with ink on it and we get something that has always had value and very likely will for a long time to come. A gold coin from the 1500s has every bit of its original value PLUS whatever inflation has added to it since then. How many paper currencies from the 1500s are still being used / have value? Any? Probably not, other than what collectors might or might not pay for it. Even if they were still in use, they would have their original value MINUS all the inflation since then.

        • Eric

          Amazing isn’t it? Check gets mailed. Metal shows up at your door UPS. UPS guy says “Ammo-time!” Ha ha! yeah sure.

          Lock and Load!

          Ed… SBSS Pieces of Eight! And check out the El Capitans and Silver Sirens High Relief 2 oz rounds. Silver Army Men for assistance. All very nice!

          • Eric

            Silver Army Men for Protection! Guarding my stack!

          • Ed_B

            Yes, it is pretty amazing, Eric. Almost as amazing as all those folks who have no clue whatever as to why buying and holding silver and gold is much more than just a good idea.

            All the silver items you mention are great collector pieces for sure but I like to keep my hoard simple: ASEs, Maples, US 90%, and some SilverTowne bars. Works for me. 🙂

  • CalSailX

    The question I have is… “Knowing how the game is rigged”… why wouldn’t a prospector sit on what he knows until the game isn’t controlled by just a few hands?

    • Because they’d be long dead before such an outcome would manifest? If you were the owner of a gold mine in the 1860s, you’d still be waiting for a game that isn’t controlled by “just a few hands.”

      I’m sure you’re already familiar with most of the Fed’s history, but the first few chapters on the early gold cartel from Eustace Mullins’ seminal book on the topic are worth a glance if you haven’t read them already.

      Or Charles Savoie’s work on the Pilgrim Society, but they’re very dense reads – while Charles is an excellent researcher, his writing style is somewhat rambling and a bit hard to digest at times. Wish we lived in a world where a guy like that could afford a copy editor!

  • In general, people are not morally good. It’s almost impossible to envision a future where the monetary system is “honest” being backed by silver or gold…”For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

    “The powers that be” choose greed over principle. “They” would rather go to war than have peace. When “they” lie, they speak their native language.

    The new monetary system will be very much like the old system of enslavement!

    • Ed_B

      ““They” would rather go to war than have peace.”

      That view changes instantly upon them reaching the front lines of battle. Not that they ever get that close to what they have arranged, of course. 🙁

  • Eric

    Ah excellent! Haven’t listen to all of it yet but great to hear from Wade. Thanks Sean.

    Yup. The Carlin Trend in Nevada is one of the largest untapped gold trends in the world. Lots of gold up there in them hills of Nevada still.

    “If you want the shiney, you gotta work your hiney!” -Jeff Williams

      • Eric

        I picked up some Nevada Exploration in my little etrade account. Today was nice but I suspect it was only because oil was back up and the markets got a bounce.

        Going to be some volatile days ahead. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

        Personally I’m sticking with real stuff I can touch. 95% metal in my own possession. 5% Cash and mining shares. Register your shares. I haven’t registered any of mine yet. But plan to. Hopefully before a big bank failure.

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