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OFFGRID Magazine: How a Large Corporate Magazine Conglomerate is attempting to Steal Our Name

from Off Grid Survival:

For those that have been following us since we started, you know that we were the first to associate the name OFFGRID with SURVIVAL. In fact, we have been using this name since 2007, and have had millions of people hit our website, hundreds of thousands of people following us on Social Media, and have worked tirelessly to help people become better prepared for the very real dangers that are out there.

In the process of growing my site, I have encountered a number of people and businesses who have attempted to steal my articles, use my name for their own financial benefit, and even use my name to fraudulently push their crappy products, but never have I seen such a blatant example of abuse and theft as I have been fighting against for the last year.

Over the last year or so, I became aware of a large Corporate Magazine Conglomerate who puts out a number of niche magazines, pretending to be part of those communities. Unfortunately, this company thinks that it’s not only alright to pretend they are a part of those communities — to market their juvenile articles and products — but they also think it’s alright to outright steal our name and deceive their readers into thinking their magazine has something to do with my website.

TEN: The Enthusiast Network, the large corporate magazine conglomerate who runs magazines like RECOIL Magazine, a magazine that pretends to be part of the gun community despite trashing the second amendmenton numerous occasions, decided to use our name OFFGRID to put out a crappy survival magazine.

OFFGRID Magazine: A Scam on their Readers

OFFGRID Magazine is not our magazine, it is a magazine put out by people attempting to deceive you into thinking they are something they are not; it is a magazine run by people that have no real experience with survival or preparedness.

In their introductory issues, this company even went so far as to use a person with a gas mask (something that we have been using as part of our logo since the beginning) next to the OFFGRID logo, to in my opinion, deceive the readers into thinking that the magazine was associated with my site. In fact, over the last year hundreds of people at industry trade shows have told me they believed that the magazine was put out by my site. Many even subscribed to the magazine saying that they subscribed believing it was associated with my site.

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