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Obama’s Crying Fuels Speculation it was Faked

from Infowars:

President employs tearful appeal to emotion in attempt to eviscerate Second Amendment

Users on Twitter are speculating that Obama’s tears during a press conference on gun control were faked as a way to pander to the emotions of Americans on gun violence.

After 7 years @POTUS managed to top himself & piss me off on a whole new level with fake tears & fear mongering

President Pussy with his fake tears. Spare us Obummer.

Our is no pussy. Don’t be fooled. Those be fake tears. Fake tears = SOCIOPATH.

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7 comments to Obama’s Crying Fuels Speculation it was Faked

  • The last time President “O” ( Zero ) cried like that was when he 4 putted from 6 ft. away !

  • f16hoser

    He actually cried when Reggie Love failed to meet him on the 19th tee for some Midnight putt putt in the butt butt…

  • windrunner56

    Did you notice the closeup of him “crying” he wiped his eye again with his middle finger. He does that alot. Flipping the bird to the peons. Most hated man on Planet Earth. Gun Control, no problem, disarm your guards to hypocrytical bastard!!! Face the public without a shield around you.

  • Steelerdude

    I heard obummer took crying lessons from John Boehner….both are full of bullshit!!!

  • Dick

    A balling POTUS doesn’t exude strength and doesn’t inspire confidence – least of all in the purely emotionally driven Democrat electorate who put this putz in office. No, I think those tears are real and that Obama really is this much of a pussy.

  • monica

    the comments on this post are priceless… thank you, i had a good laugh, and i believe the tears to be fake, but appreciate dick recognizing pussy.

    • windrunner56

      Please come back Monica. We have 3 shows daily at 9, 3 and 7. Comments go from funny to downright rude, depending on the topic 🙂

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