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Monumentally Stupid Anti-Trump Video Debunked

[Ed. Note: Language Alert]

from PrisonPlanetLive:

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1 comment to Monumentally Stupid Anti-Trump Video Debunked

  • tomche

    Just so we’re clear: Trump’s national political director is Michael Glassner, AIPAC operative and big wig. The media is owned by Jews, partial to AIPAC, so ‘da Donald’ is indeed deep in bed and controlled by Israeli financial interests…and is playing his part. Why else has CNN, owned by the Israeli Aviv Nevo (Aviv “Vivi” Nevo is an Israeli and American venture capitalist who is a major shareholder in Time Warner and other interesting investments) given trump so much air time…? They all know Trump is Kosher and approved by AIPAC. However, ’da Donald’ is just a distraction…Hillary will be President. Too many Jewish CEO’s with super-pac funds want their gal President that they can completely control. Oh, and by the way, Obama just increased the JewS taxes given to Israel to 4B per year…! Is anyone listening?

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