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Middle East War, Global Market Crash, Oregon Stand-Off and Guns

from Greg Hunter:

A Saudi Prince is saying war is unlikely with Iran, but that doesn’t seem believable especially after Iran burned Saudi Arabia’s embassy in Tehran.

Iran burned the embassy after Saudi Arabia executed a Shia imam. Then, there are conflicting reports of Saudi bombing Iran’s embassy in Yemen. At its core, this is the age old problem of Sunni Muslims opposed to Shia Muslims. That is Saudi Arabia, Sunni, against Iran which is Shia. As predicted by yours truly back in July, the Iranian nuclear so-called deal has dramatically increased the chances for war. Of course, Iran has not and will not sign anything, and that means there is no real deal. There is just some empty promises and $150 billion coming from the Obama Administration. It seems Iran can do nothing to derail them getting this huge amount of cash. Iran can shoot missiles at our aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf or announce a new ballistic missile test. Nothing will stop Kerry and Obama from calling this huge scam a success, and that is what has the entire Arab world on edge. It sure looks like Obama has changed sides. No matter what the official reports are, I believe both Iran and Saudi Arabia already have some nuclear weapons, and it looks like war is a certainty on the present trajectory.

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