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Mid-East Massacre: Qatar Crashes, Saudi Stocks Plunge Most Since Black Monday

from Zero Hedge:

Broad middle-east and african stock markets crashed over 5%, erasing any gains back to November 2008 as the carnage from last week continues. From Kuwait (-4.3%) to Qatar (-8%) it was a bloodbath as Saudi Arabia Tadawul Index plunged 5.4% – the most since Black Monday (now down over 50% from their 2014 highs). These losses are far in excess of US ‘catch-up’ moves and suggest a dark cloud over Asia this evening.

It’s been a bloodbath in the Middle-East since the year began…


Africa/Middle-East Stocks crashed 5%…


Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul Index is down 5.4% on the day – the worst since August’s collapse and has lost over 50% since its exuberant peak in 2014…


Kuwait down over 4% to 2009 lows…


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2 comments to Mid-East Massacre: Qatar Crashes, Saudi Stocks Plunge Most Since Black Monday

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I just LOVE the name of the Saudi market (Tad AwFul) is what it should be called.

  • Re

    The market in the petrodollar countries is going down.
    For example in my country “U.A.E” :-
    They will start to apply VAT in the next two years . Previously , we have not face any kind of tax in the country. Also, I think there are other country will follow it. for instance Saudi Arabia .
    There are a lot of important projects especially in Dubai were canceled such as Mall of the World.
    The stock and real-states ,, the price fall for about 30% – 40% and they are saying ,, it is worse than in 2008. They are afraid it may go worse than that.
    You have to search more about this topics and you will see a lot more.
    Do you know what is happening now ?
    The brokers are searching for a buyers for a lot real-estates in Dubai and there aren’t any one interested.

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