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Merkel Accused of High Treason

from Bill Still:

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1 comment to Merkel Accused of High Treason

  • Bill Will

    Would this info, in above video, Merkel/ treason, suggest that these judges are outside the loop of truth upon this corrupted planet ? These global constitutions are not real, worthless propaganda themselves ? Seems to me that when world leaders, owned by the Bilderbuggery Group of thieves liars and nere do wells currently ruling on behalf of the lunacy known as the Vatican and it’s current Corporate Satanic Majesty, the Pope, no less than the self proclaimed real life Vicar of and perhaps seen as Christ on Earth, ( A Greek delusion, or synonym to our own personal inner divinity most misinterpreted, bastardized and propagandized by said lunatic miscreant regime for millennia, since the Gnostic Anti Christian influenza first struck the budding Roman pagan religion of this era’s Christianity which was subsequently extirpated, so they believed, from this Earth) can ignore these fictional void and of no real effect or force constitutions, when necessary for the furtherance of their own agenda, handed down to these world leaders, if not dupes then psychopaths themselves controlled by the powers of Hell, forgive my brevity here πŸ™‚

    If bullshit were Euros, Dollars ( US) et al, the world would be no less a smelly pile of actual polluted, impoverished, enslaved, figurative bovine excrement. Brutality and disease, poisons, delusions, lunacies, crimes against humanity, criminality, treason, avarice, perversions, obfuscations, degeneracies, illiteracies, greed, rage, fear, hate and war for profit shit hole it already is πŸ™‚ SO what’s the problem ?? , Brevity again, I am neutered by my own hand again ?? That’s fine, I’ll live, or die, while knowing the truth of this embarrassment to the universe and any Gods created it if at all the case, while granting you lawyers, Generals, zealots, idiots and politicians your tiny technical win.

    If you not part of the solution, you are the problem along with the rest of the dogs of capitalist war games for profit and power mongering despots.

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