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Many Americans’ Worst Fears About To Become Reality As Obama Unveils This Shocking New Plan

from Western Journalism:

President Obama is nearing completion of an executive order that seeks to close the so-called gun show loophole — something gun rights advocates have said is non-existent.

According to Politico, “…the changes include requiring an expanded number of small-scale gun sellers to be licensed — and therefore conduct background checks — whenever selling a weapon. This wouldn’t close the so-called gun show loophole, though it has the potential to narrow it.”

The background check change is expected to expand the definition of what it means to be “engaged in the business” of selling guns.

Currently, anyone selling weapons with the “principal objective of livelihood and profit” have to get a dealer’s license through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. This requires them to conduct a background check on buyers no matter where they sell, including online or at a gun show.

The Obama package of edicts will also impose tougher rules on guns stolen en route from manufacturer to seller. Further details of the package are being kept under wraps by the White House.

“It is complicated. That’s why it’s taken some time for our policy folks, our lawyers, and our experts to work through this and see what’s possible,” said White House spokesman Eric Schultz.

Gun rights advocates scoffed at the proposals.

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1 comment to Many Americans’ Worst Fears About To Become Reality As Obama Unveils This Shocking New Plan

  • windrunner56

    OMG! Get outta the way, as all the criminals and undocumented refugees/invaders/immigrants run to the nearest precinct to turn in their firearms. This Obomber guy sure has things figured out finally.

    Lollipops and rainbows in the USSA now. Finally, you will be able to concentrate on education and real affordable health care (illness extention).

    Gonna be a real watershed year, me thinks!!

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