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Making a “Last Run” When the SHTF

from Survival Blog:

The last-minute grocery and emergency supply shopping run is part of prepper mythology. Whether or not it makes sense to do a “last run” shopping trip is very controversial in the prepper community and has both positive and negative aspects. Whether or not to do so requires considerable forethought and mental preparation.

I know some preppers are horrified by the idea of intentionally utilizing a last run to top-off or expand supplies. It’s great to be able to hunker down with a mug of hot buttered rum in front of the fireplace and watch the snow come down or snuggle down with a good book to read by LED lantern light, but one of the key characteristics of preppers is their ability to take advantage of a changing situation and making it work for them.

I don’t recommend a last run be your first choice in emergency preparedness, but a last run can have advantages that may be worth exploiting. If you choose to conduct a last run, you aren’t less of a person or less of a prepper. You haven’t failed your family or yourself. You’ve simply made a reasoned, conscious choice to capitalize on another opportunity when every opportunity is important.

In most apocalyptic fiction, the main characters suddenly awaken to the immensity and criticality of their End of the World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) situation and run to the store to stock up on supplies that virtually every long-time prepper worth his or her salt has already stashed. The fictional characters always have working automobiles, always have a respectable amount of cash on hand, and always manage to arrive at the store ahead of the soon-to-become violent crowd.

Really? Figure the odds.

Very few among us in this community have the wherewithal to buy decades’ worth of supplies and equipment or have unlimited storage space. That’s a big reason that prepper websites and others strongly recommend moving now to your Bug Out Location (BOL) and actually living your lives in a grid-down, self-sufficient way. However, not everyone is in a position to do that. I know I’m not.

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2 comments to Making a “Last Run” When the SHTF

  • Fraser

    In a Hunger Games scenario, the “last run” (to a shopping mall) could get you killed. Maybe better to use the time to run in the opposite direction?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    I agree that it would be dangerous to attempt to be like a salmon jumping up the stream with all the bears swiping away at you, BUT, if I find a good opportunity to make one final STOCK UP run to the store without fighting crazy crowds, then I will do it.

    I probably would skip the BIGGER stores, and “opt” for the smaller shops for the “top up”.

    WalMart, etc will be the worst.
    I would hope to grab another hundred cans of food, another 40-100 pounds of rice, beans, etc.

    And of course, top of with more jars of cooking spices, and any other things I can find useful.

    Bleach (laundry or swimming pool) to make safer drinking water, Liquid ammonia cleaner (it is NITROGEN fertilizer), bug killer, mouse & rat traps (vermin will eat your food and bring diseases, so you gotta be able to keep them away.)

    Propane, vinegar, salt, etc and any other CANNING supplies. Even grab the books on CANNING, solar oven making, etc.

    Even when the store shelves are empty, you MAY be able to find water filter cartridges, bags of garden fertilizer, dirt, pots or garbage cans (all kinds of uses). Kitty litter (emergency toilet filler), clear plastic sheeting (green house), fence posts, rolls of fencing.

    Grab just about everything, because a CLEVER person will think of alternative uses for it.

    Bike parts? Don’t pass them by. Motor oil, filters (even for cars you DON’T own, because after 100 million people are dead, those cars WILL be available.)

    Well pump parts, PVC pipe (you can make a hand pump), etc.
    Gutters (for catching rain water).

    Bags of cement, blocks, bricks, tin roofing, etc. Can be for normal construction, or making a wood burning stove, etc. Metal barrel, metal tanks, empty propane or water cylinders ALL can become a new wood burner.

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