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Keiser Report: Fed power & American-Chinese wages convergence (E860)

from RT:

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss central bank insiders admitting market rigging on television, confusing those who had bought the propaganda about Fed power to end boom and bust cycles. In the second half, Max interviews Dan Collins of about the convergence of American and Chinese wages having already arrived. They discuss the two limit down days in Chinese markets so far this year and the significance of North Korea’s alleged H-bomb test for the Kim regime.

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2 comments to Keiser Report: Fed power & American-Chinese wages convergence (E860)

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Sean (SGT TEAM), thanks for bringing these enlightening (and often witty) interviews of Max Keiser, his wife Stacy & all their guests with such depth of knowledge about so many topics that often affect all of us.

    Even this interview, about how USA & China’s wages have been approaching & reached “parity” of $12k per year salary. (And yes, Max predicted it several years ago.)

    Max & Stacy’s show has been playing THEIR part of “Documenting the Collapse” right along with SGT, Zerohedge, and many others. (Celente, Morgan, Schiff, Morgan, Holter, etc.)

    It is the voices, wisdom, truth and COURAGE to speak PUBLICLY that has allowed ME and many others, not only to wake up more and more, but also, we have been LEARNING about “Why, How, Who and When” this is happening.

    I know that the Max postings rarely get comments, but it’s a very worthy thing to bring to our attention. Thanks again.

    PS. If you’ve gone back and watched some of his shows from LONG ago (called “The Oracle”), they are zany, off beat, more funny and nutty, but still quite insightful.

    I’ve seen a lot of Max Keiser in my “early wake up days” about 2008, etc, and have seen some amazing revelations and predictions.

    I also watched an OLD Peter Schiff talk he gave in Europe (pre 2008) to a BANKER’s association, and how PETER explained how a crash would be coming and that it was CAUSED by BANKERS, and how they could protect the world from it by changing the way they do business.

    It’s about 4 or 5 parts long, but is AMAZING in its CLARITY, truth, and foresight.

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