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Jim Rickards on China and Federal Reserve

from Slithreen Guard:

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4 comments to Jim Rickards on China and Federal Reserve

  • NIX

    Rickards The turd that won’t flush.

  • Praxis

    Yeah, but he’s probably right. That is if anyone gives a damn anymore. I sure don’t. There are other things to attend to.

  • Christine

    When Jim Rickards knows, understands and can elaborate on China’s debt-to-gold ratio and compare it to the US (Oops! where is the US gold? Can it help soak up the, I may decide to listen to him.

    Until then, he is a peddler and nothing more.

    Nowadays, I tend to simplify whom I believe:

    Who talks, must renounce citizenship, needs to seek asylum and obtains it from enemy countries of Washington’s Neocons…;
    Who talks, remains in the US and can’t be touched because visibility and former position gave them so much accrued visibility once they started to talk that, regardless of former position, it makes them almost untouchable;
    Who talks, was a nobody for decades, came out of the woodwork at the right time, claims a CIA career and knowledge nobody else can vouch for, and peddles while being very comfortably settled in the US.

    Rickards knows nothing first-hand about China, writes books about failed prediction, goes on every show that will have him and… still peddles his books.

    Hmmm. What’s the name for that? Whore? Presstitute? Shill?

  • Windrunner56

    First sign of a shill….Jim Rickards goes on the Keiser Report for 30 mins. Max grills him on 9/11 and Rickards would under no circumstance discuss an alternative narrative to the Gubberment “Official” story. He is an intelligent man, which makes it more mind boggling. So, yeah, IMHO, Jim spreads the gospel of the Jewish Banksters.

    Trust him I do not!!

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