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Interview with Brandon Curtiss Leader of the Idaho III%

from OathKeepersOK:

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7 comments to Interview with Brandon Curtiss Leader of the Idaho III%

  • Sam

    Awesome interview and update, Thanks for sharing.

  • NIX

    Check this? not good IMV.

    • AgShaman

      The problem with the standoff at Malheur in Burns, Oregon is the same problem they had at the Bundy ranch. Good ‘ol boys are way too nice and inviting…and not clever enough with their tactics to ‘vett out’ infiltrators and agent provocateurs. The Bundy ranch was heavily infiltrated on a daily basis and I did my level best to bring this issue to the grossly under-trained upper echelons that couldn’t understand this dynamic. Once the provocateurs earn the trust….they dig in like ticks and insert themselves “into the know” groups. They are very difficult to get removed once this happens.

      Take this Jon R cat for instance. Had somebody vetted him early on….they may have thought better about letting him into the inner circles. He looks like he’s inside the building, comfortable, opening boxes etc, etc…

      I’m not there and couldn’t be sure, but he exemplifies a lot of the tell-tale signs of a paid “plant” looking to stir the violent card of absolutes. Last year he organized the “F**k Islam” rally. If his family is still “in hiding” due to his “claim” of threats….one really has to wonder

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