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If This Weakest, Wobbly Link Snaps… Look Out!

The Global Rout Intensifies

from The Wealth Watchman:

Well folks, the Global Stock Market Trade Equity Energy Credit rout that began with the start of 2016 has continued. Everywhere you look, asset valuations are getting completely monkey-hammered.

I intend to survey the damage, and focus on the weak link in the system here that I’ve been watching carefully. Firstly though, let’s take a gander at a laundry list of absolutely horrifying data points around the world. Let’s start with a very revealing chart, which should tell everyone with eyes to see, precisely what they need to know:

Weak link 3

The Baltic Dry Index tracks the shipping industry in international trade. Greece factors heavily in this equation. This picture is unbelievable.  I honestly keep thinking to myself:

“Wow, we made another new low in the BDI, surely it’s gotta find a bottom here somewhere,” only to find there is no bottom!

It just keeps falling!

The 700 level, which was important due to the final bottom the shipping industry found during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, was finally taken out with gusto in the last two business quarters.  Something snapped and snapped hard!

It has now dropped to nearly half the previous lowest level that global shipping had reached during the Great Financial Crisis of 2008/2009.  Half of the worst level that we’d seen in the last century!

Everywhere you turn, there is excess capacity in shipping.  Shipping lanes are becoming backed up, and there is far too much product waiting to make its way through the “just in time” chain of command. Poor Greece! First they were gutted by globalist bankers, then their vote to reject the newest “bailout” was literally tossed in the trash by Brussels, and now their golden-child industry, international shipping, is literally dead in the water right now.

Oh, and their pain is being shared and felt in spades throughout their continent. Just take a look at these charts(via zerohedge).

Europe’s Growing Financial Calamity

Weak link 4

The equity bloodbath that the world is feeling, is spreading quickly over Europe.  Most major stock markets there have now either reached the December lows of last year or have made new lows!

This is partially the result of cheap credit drying up all over the world(as we covered in my last article).  If you look closely, the correlation between credit and their stocks is absolutely undeniable:

Weak link 5

Credit is tightening, taking the oxygen from the primary dealer banks and large corporate buy-backs, that have helped levitate their stock markets.  Tens of millions of stock-owners, pensioners, and savers are getting hosed.  Their savings, their 401ks, their retirement plans are taking a beating.

If it’s any consolation though, there is a silver lining to all of what’s going on, and it should bring a smile to your face!

For as ugly as global trade and global equities are right now, the banks are faring much worse! Italy, whose banks have been bobbing for air for months, have finally succumbed to the renewed selling pressure, which is being exacerbated by the withdrawal of liquidity and credit.

Weak link 7

Ouch, that’s a wrecking ball to the face!

What happens next though, should make you nervous. Things are getting so bad for Italian banks, that the CEO of Monte Paschi Bank said this:



Shield brothers, there is an old saying, which you should ALWAYS keep at the forefront of your mind:

“Never believe anything until it has been officially denied”.

The fact that Monte Paschi’s CEO is coming out to assure everyone that:

1)They’re stronger than ever…

2)That the actions of investors selling their stocks, aren’t “justified” by the big picture

3)That stability and calm reign supreme…

Should have you hunkering down!  Also their ridiculous assertions, do not match the actions of the Italian government,who just made this announcement:


Consob adopts a temporary ban on short selling on Banca MPS shares.The ban shall apply immediately and shall last until Tuesday 19 January 2016 end of day.

Consob decided to temporary prohibit short sales of the share Banca MPS (ISIN code IT0005092165).

The ban will apply immediately and will be enforce for the entire trading session of tomorrow, Tuesday 19 January 2016, on the MTA market of Borsa Italiana.

Yes, brothers, the Italian government has begun the policy of banning short-selling again! Now, granted, it’s only one bank, and it was only for one day, but that’s how it starts, not how it ends.

Look at the general picture of their CDS market(which is used to insure against risks on these banks):

Weak link 8

Uh oh!  Folk, that’s a huge spike, in fact the last time there was this little trust in their banking system, and this much hedging, was nearly 3 years ago, and this spike has occurred in just a few weeks’ time.

There’s a lesson here:

It doesn’t take long to lose confidence in the entire system,when that system is built on the rock-solid foundation of unicorn tears and puppy dog tails! There is absolutely nothing to this financial system of ponzi/debt pyramids, and increasingly, everyone’s putting their money in places which state that the emperor has no clothes!

The banking carnage is not contained to Europe or to Italy either….it is spreading here, and fast! Just look at a few of the major US banks:

1) CitiBank

Share price 6 weeks ago: $55  

Share price today: $40.50

A decline of 28% in one month.

2) Goldman Sachs

Share price 9 weeks ago: $199 

Share price today: $153.78

A decline of nearly 28% in two months.

3) JP Morgan

Share price 7 weeks ago: $67.89 

Share price today: $55.51

Decline of roughly 19% in 7 weeks.

4) Bank of America

Share price 6 weeks ago: $17.80

Share price today: $13.70

Decline of 33% in 6 weeks!

Banking is bearing the worst of the brunt, because of tightening credit, and folks’ concern over the liquidity and equity picture.  However, there is another huge teetering pillar that I’ve been watching for weeks(along with oil, which just caved to $26 and change per barrel, by the way), and if this wobbly pillar goes….watch out!

The Banking Cabal’s Foot Soldiers


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33 comments to If This Weakest, Wobbly Link Snaps… Look Out!

  • Eric

    Fulford is saying the oil price will continue to be attacked until one of the big banks goes down. He said first on the chopping block is Citibank and that oil is sinking because of the white hats attack on the wall street fuckheads, not oversupply.

    I’m paraphrasing of course.

  • Windrunner56

    Fulford is NEVER WRONG. I am paraphrasing him of course 🙂

  • Kevin

    I heard the same interview as well Eric. Interesting times. As far out in left field as some have said Fulford is, he may turn out to be the one to be putting the pieces together correctly. Time will tell. I will break out a bottle of champagne when the first bank goes under. Will be watching for news of banksters jumping out of buildings as well.

    Speaking of banksters, we haven’t heard much news lately about dead banksters suiciding themselves?

    • Windrunner56

      Hey Kevin. I watch Fulford’s vids all the time. You wanna believe, truly. Whether he is “in the know” or not, all the info seems credible.

      My only take, is that something just does not add up. So although I look for his input, I am careful to absorb but, I proceed with caution. This whole White Dragon Society thing, don’t know what to think. A society so secret, so underground, why would they allow BF to publish his findings.

      another fact, saw a vid with him and Karen Hudes (kookoo) that keeps up the red flag. She is completely off her rocker in my opinion.

      Dead Banksters. There will be more I am sure as the implosion continues. If you have not seem “The Big Short” I highly recommend it. It will give you a better understanding of greed…

      • Christine

        Been listening to Fulford’s computer voice for a long time too and I’m still wondering as well. However, coming from a different angle, he has consistently been confirming a lot of what Willie and Kirby have predicted. And I was just reading this piece by Michael Hudson, which explains a lot of that infamous IMF decision with respect to Ukraine debt to Russia. It ties a lot of loose ends and makes it even clearer.

        This country is definitely fucked but the world isn’t… and I see very well how AIIB came to be and why so many European countries have jumped on the band wagon.

        Karen Hudes is something else but I cannot discount her either and she was the first one to mention a 2013 Neocon attempt at blowing a nuke off the cost of N. Carolina, which was then picked up by Fulford and Willie a few months later. And she was the first one to talk about the dissensions within Pentagon and states efforts to come up with their own gold-backed currencies. A few months later, Oklahoma and Texas made some noise in that direction. And don’t forget how fast UK signed up to be an AIIB member. She had predicted it. So, she may be onto something but she is just very unpleasant to listen to and so paranoid, anyone who dares not agree with her or question what she states for clarification is immediately accused of being a troll, a shill or what not. I have a problem when, in her book, CPR is “a shill”, CAF is “a shill”, Jim Willie is “a shill”, etc. And all of a sudden, Wolfgang what’s-his-name became a bad guy too when 3 years ago, she was attributing to him all kinds of authority over “Marcos’ gold”!

        You end up wondering: “Sheesh… who isn’t?” I stopped listening to her: she grates on my nerves.

        The level of dysfunction is mind boggling. Must be why we don’t seem to get anywhere: there is no frickin’ unity of purpose!

        • Eric

          Jim Willie even mentions Fulford ever so briefly in his latest interview with Paul Sandhu.

          You’re right Christine. Nobody is organized. Nobody seems to have a plan. But I suspect many behind the scenes do and have been working at this for decades. It would seem so. Either way, this sucker is going doooooown.

          Prepare Accordingly.

          • Kevin

            @Christine, I agree about Hudes. She is overly sensitive to any criticism or request for more info, to the point of being obnoxious. I don’t like that.

            Also not sure why she is so adamant that the IMF is going to be the solution to the financial problems. I think the IMF IS the problem, not the solution, unless they are going to be used to bring in the big changes, then hopefully disbanded.

            I don’t care so much about a global currency, as long as it’s backed by metals and it has crypto capabilities so there’s no control or manipulation from central powers. The US screwed up the reserve currency system, and maybe no one country should be allowed that level of control.

          • Christine

            The way I increasingly look at it is this: UN is US. World Bank is US. IMF is US. BIS is US. NATO is US. US falls, they all fall. NATO falls, they all fall. And UN’s role is increasingly being questioned, especially with respect to the allotment of seats.

            More and more countries resent the fact that not every country has a vote. So, either it will have to be revamped or it will have to go and be replaced by a fairer international organization, where every member pledges to uphold ALL of its regulations and laws, which isn’t the case, and every country has veto right. Right now, it is completely one-sided with US having absolute veto rights. And NATO HAS to go.

        • Windrunner56

          Concur. Kirby & Willie to me have the most credibility. Sure Willie’s voice is something of the scene in JAWS where Robert Shaw scratched the blackboard, but he is awesome. Never miss his interviews, same with Kirby.

          I might seem a little dumb here, but who is “CPR ?

          Michael Hudson comes and go with info. One minute he appears, then nothing. But I like him, very knowledgable.

      • Eric

        He’s covered his history with the WDS in previous interviews. I would suggest listening to any where he talks about his past.

        As always, listen to all. Follow none.

        As for “The Big Short,” having experienced Hollywood first hand, they will no longer receive ANY shekels from me. Israel has already stolen enough of them.

        • Windrunner56

          Can’t argue with either of you Eric & Randy. I am not one to throw “shekels” at Hollywood. But this movie is different. Had to see it. I won”t be going to Star Wars, or Martian or whatever. I had to make an exception.

          Eyes wide open…to quote DAHBOO7

          • Ed_B

            I don’t GO to movies either. I let them come to me via Redbox and Netflix. This is MUCH less expensive than going to a theater, the company is better, there’s low cost snacks and drinks readily available, and there’s the PAUSE button for quick bathroom trips. 😉

      • Ed_B

        “A society so secret, so underground, why would they allow BF to publish his findings.”

        They would not, of course. If someone is ready to reveal anything that these people do not want revealed, they will have an… accident… a fatal one with them and their info likely consumed in a fire. Nothing to see here, move along, move along…

        On the other hand, controlled opposition is not an unknown in all this. Just sayin’.

    • Eric

      Kevin, when Lloyd, Blythe and Jamie jump…I’m bringing my glass over to your place! 😉

      • Kevin

        Deal. Hell champagne may not be good enough to celebrate something that momentous. I’ll also drink to seeing them perp walked, tried, and convicted for crimes against humanity.

        • Ed_B

          @Eric @Kevin

          You guys definitely have the right idea! I’m thinking that this would justify buying a bottle of 25 year old Scottish single malt whisky… and sharing a wee dram with friends of like mind. 😉

          • Eric

            When I get my pirate ship, we shall build a glorious plank for them to walk.

            Thee Scotch shall be tasty on such a night to celebrate.

            Never run out of contacts.

  • Randy

    Yeah, like we really do need to see a movie about men with no conscience to understand about greed? Why not just look at the history of the world of the banksters and politicians for that? They are all about NOTHING but greed, and that’s the way it has been since the very first bankster or politician came out of the bung hole of the dark side of life!!


  • glitter 1

    Soros has just stated that The EU is close to collapsing.Remember the stock markets are merely the facade to what is really going on under the surface,which is the Derivative Complex.If the markets are going down and they are globally,one can only wonder what the losses are in the Derivatives.So,if Soros is bleating about a collapse of Europe ergo their banking/stock markets,what carnage is there with their derivatives.
    Now,who was it that said the EU would be the first to go down/fail due to Derivatives,oh yeah,it was Lindsey Williams ~ three years ago.He also said that when you see Europe Collapse you have about two weeks to exit all paper before it hits The US.Sure sounds prophetic/plausible at this juncture doesn’t it!
    Not that I think Soros is to be trusted/followed,but sometimes the criminal element will telegraph information.

    • Ed_B

      It’s good to pay attention to what Soros does. If there is a potential currency collapse anywhere on the planet, he will be there sniffing it out so he can profit from it. I fully expect him to play a major role in whatever collapse comes along. He’s definitely one of the button pushers / lever pullers. People like him have a LOT to answer for… and he will because karma can be a real bi+ch.

      The more I look into these derivatives, the more is revealed that it is a scam that will never be allowed to collapse. We can all bet our stacks that if there is any way possible not to have a derivatives collapse, these elite SOBs will have already considered it and have a plan on standby for that specific case… like an Old West losing poker player whose only winning move is to tip over the table, shoot out the light, and grab as much money as he can before diving out the nearest window and riding like hell outta town.

      As to en EU collapse… yes that seems more than likely but the EU is not the weakest financial link out there these days. IMO, Japan will fall first, then a few of the smaller Asian countries, THEN the EU, UK, and US. Other smaller players will be folding during all this as well but it is impossible to say when and where.

      China is a BIG question mark. They have a lot of financial and economic problems but it is looking like they also have a LOT of gold to back their situation, whatever it might be. Yes, they will also have a financial day of reckoning but it will not be as bad there as it would be had they not had the foresight to convert a lot of their paper assets into hard money assets.

      Keynesians and others of weak philosophy are convinced that they are right and that reality is merely an inconvenience as they continue with the same idiotic policies that have failed each and every time they have been tried. Japan is a classic case of this kind of failure and they are still pursuing these idiotic policies after nearly 25 years of them. The best sign of this kind of failure is identified when people say: “Our policies are correct but we simply did not do enough”.
      This is said as if doing more of a bad idea somehow makes it into a good idea. And it is costing them everything. Japan, IMO, is a dying country and their economic policies have made a significant contribution to this disaster… yet they persist rather than saying “This Keynesian crap does not work, so we will try something else that has a record of success rather than one of complete and abysmal failure”.

      • glitter 1

        “The more I look into these derivatives, the more is revealed that it is a scam that will never be allowed to collapse.”
        How true,but if there is a planned “Creative Destruction Event” to take sown the whole system then Derivatives is the perfect vehicle to accomplish total destruction.Remember,the esoteric meaning of The Phoenix is that out of the ashes it is reborn to new life.Looking at the picture on the magazine cover,it is clear to me exactly what the message is.He who has the gold will make the rules and it won’t be America.All by design. Texe Marrs did an expose’ on that magazine cover 20 years ago.They have their generational plan and they are working it.
        I’m just interest how the 2016 elections play out and if there will be an election at all.Just a Ron Paul has stated,”Having Gold and Silver Won’t Be Enough”!I believe he may be correct.

  • Christine

    “Japan, IMO, is a dying country and their economic policies have made a significant contribution to this disaster…”

    Any country with a cataclysm the size of Fukushima is a dying country. Any country having refused every outside help (from the Netherlands, from Keshe, from whatever source and many offered) while its Tepco is “experimenting” on what to do, knowing full well that the technology exists but too fearful to go after it even it pisses off the US, is a dying country. Any country so joined-at-the-US-hip as Japan that he finds itself forced to get into a pissing contest with China over a few islands it never had a beef over until the US told it so while being forbidden to join AIIB is a moribund country.

    Japan is pretty much finished. QE to eternity, a negative birth rate, absolutely no more social contract will do that to any country. Add the heavy-handed Neocon hand and… this is it!

    • glitter 1

      “while its Tepco is “experimenting” on what to do, knowing full well that the technology exists but too fearful to go after it even it pisses off the US”

      There is no technology to neutralize those three damaged/melted Reactors and there never will be.The best they will be able to do is re-encapsulate the three containment buildings and fill them with concrete in place.No one living today will ever see it resolved.

      • Christine!Fukushima-great-success-for-the-KESHEtechnology-used-for-the-reclamation-of-Radiation/c21xo/02F41574-D810-4009-9AB0-7397518FD0EC

        “Extraordinary success on all fronts for the tests that were carried out in Japan by the KesheFoundation in collaboration with government organizations.
        Working on samples of water and soil, from the most critical areas of the Fukushima nuclear power plant that was destroyed during the tsunami of 2011, the radioactivity of the water, the metal parts involved, wastes of various kinds present in the suspension Yukako Saito, knowledge seekers currently in internship at the Italianbranch of the KesheFoundation and sent on a mission, she could reduce it in a very short amount of time to ZERO.

        Given the absolute uniqueness of the response of the test, which was carried out in publiclive stream for maximum transparency towards the Japanese population, it has been repeated with the same outcome and then repeated again by two other independent laboratories. Even in these cases the response was comparable.

        The Foundation willnow release an official announcement as soon as the scientific papers with tabular and graphical will be ready for publication. In these hours, workis undertaken to prepare documents never before adopted in ease of reading and immediate control over video made ​​possible to the immense audience.”

        Governments have agenda. Washington and the neocons definitely do. Humans always transcend.

        • glitter 1

          Look,where I’m coming from on this issue is my 32 years of practical/hands on experience working in/at the oldest commercial Mark V Reactor in the US.

          Which is exactly the same GE Design as Fukushima 1,2,3,4.with one small difference,Oyster Creek is a 650mw unit where the Fuku plants were slightly smaller at 460mw.
          I’ve been in every nook and cranny,inside and out and managed a department of up to 100 people during 21 of those years. I’ve made comments regarding what happened there and what it portends going forward here at SGT beginning after the accident.During that time it is evident that there is not one person with any experience/knowledge or even has walked by/near a nuclear generating facility has commented here.The only exception I give any credence to is Arnie Gundersen and that’s only because he is an engineer for a company who designed spent fuel storage racks.He has a good working knowledge,but has never worked/managed anything inside a facility.There are many pieces posted here by many grand standers with walls full of theoretical degrees that sound like they know what’s going on,but in reality they are ignorant and just so much bloviating. I don’t put myself up as an expert, just some one with real practical insight because I’ve been there done that.I’m sorry to bust your bubble,but that link/fairytale you provide has nothing to do with the reality of mitigating three damaged/melted cores.Sorry,my intention is not to be condescending,however one cannot be expected to understand this subject/issue by perusing You Tube Videos.If you are interested in some of my early comments on the accident,just type in Fukushima in the archive box going back to 2011.
          The Kraken has been unleashed at Fukushima Units 1,2,3 and there will be no way to capture it without entombing it in concrete sarcophagus.
          “Humans always transcend.” so do cockroaches!

  • Rob C

    Total epic crimes against Humanity.
    Streams right over to Canada,Alaska,rest of the US,Northern hemisphere.
    That and the poison spraying all the microvaves baking the brains, poisoned water.

    Leaders of the world…What a great job of destroying every fucking thing you touch.

  • Rob C

    Oh yea…then there`s the financial death trap

  • Rob C

    The boards almost all green on the futures.

    Its all Skittles and Unicorns from here and if you do not agree

    A quote from the president of the captured United States.

    “Your peddling fiction”

  • glitter 1

    Hey all you Bitcoin Lovers check this out:

    Let’s see how that works out for ya!

    Meet The New Boss Same As The Old Boss!

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