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If Bankster Manipulation Finally Ends, Can Silver Break $50 in 2016?

from VisionVictory:

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9 comments to If Bankster Manipulation Finally Ends, Can Silver Break $50 in 2016?

  • Craig Escaped Detroit

    Broken Manipulation= $200 to $3000 silver (in 2012 purchasing power).

    it’s gonna be a huge change, no telling where the “purchasing power” will be the top.

    I’m afraid the final top will be only 25-35 ounces for a 3/4 or 1 ton diesel pickup fully loaded.

    I say “afraid” because it will be a very different & scary world when we are at that point.

  • Thinking outside the matrix

    Of course it’s being manipulated down and if it wasn’t it would surely skyrocket. The real question should be, how long could this last? Decades? 5 years? and What purpose does it serve to the elite? I believe they control prices thru derivatives markets. The Derivatives markets are just sophisticated communist price control mechanism to help offset inflation. The Elite need cheap silver in order to continue to build out the technological surveillance society. I made a video over a year ago describing why the price would continue to go down and possibly rise when the technological surveillance society was complete or up to par.

    • Thinking outside the matrix

      I always thought that the ELite could drive prices down to also buy up all the mines for penny’s on the dollar. The Elite want to own all the asset classes to rob the wealth of the world. I don’t see the price going up until we see massive buying of mines by the Elite. Banks and institutions are sitting on massive amounts of cash for a reason.

    • Craig Escaped Detroit

      Interesing ideas & conclusions you’ve presented. I may not agree with everything, but it’s GREAT to have so many people with so many ideas, to seek out all the things that may be driving things along.

      In my humble opinion, when the BIG crash comes, and people are scrambling to FEED their families and going crazy, it will also include all the clerks and spy agency workers who will be TOO busy running home and trying to feed their families TOO.

      I can imagine MOST of them will not be going to the office to be operating all the spying tools, since those low level workers are NOT part of the elite class, just another dumb sheeple in another office cubicle.

      Even large numbers of police & military will run home to protect their own families, children, sisters, parents, siblings, etc. Not many people with a heart, would report to work of suppressing others when their own families need to be saved or will die. This will result in HUGE numbers of desertions.

      Do you think that this may be correct too? Or do you think all the police, military and cubicle spies don’t care about their own extended family?

      • SGT

        Yes indeed, thank you guys. You buoy my spirits because this criminal manipulation without end is exhausting.

      • thinking outside the matrix

        It all depends. Right now with the legislation being put in place it looks like it’s going to be a slow and managed collapse with possibly a sharp decline of the dollar by 50% and loosing world reserve status. Currently, I’m not seeing a total collapse. We are seeing a decline in the West and Rise in the East. A leveling is occurring. Russia and China are slowly taking over roles the US and the rest of the West use to perform as protectors. I don’t know why the Obama administration would pursue legislation like Obamacare if the government was preparing for a mad max scenario. Just wouldn’t make sense. The government knows what’s going on and they know how far it’s going to go. They are continuing to build a collective society globally for central control. With that said, I’m still preparing for the worse case scenario bc I could be wrong.

      • Windrunner56

        Yes all the low level worker bees will scramble to get home to feed their own. Maybe this is why the rush for robot workers, n’est pas????

  • steelerdude

    from a few good men (satire):
    “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me in that dollar, you need me in that dollar”


    yeah, the govt wants us in that dollar…

    • thinking outside the matrix

      I think the Elites are moving away from the Dollar. Pretty obvious. They are trying to steal as much as they can and herd the masses into the dollar before they pull the lever. Remember they are trying to slowly transfer power away from the West to the East from the 1st world to the 3rd world. Demographics are horrible in the US so they need to end the Ponzi scheme here and take it to other countries that have a more youthful populations. This is nothing more than a Slow Degradation of the the West to level the playing field by the Collectivist. Also they are trying to go full digital! Bitcoin was created by the Elite as a metric of accounting and as a ledger for Global Trade.

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