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from The Daily Sheeple:

As time goes on, Germany is rapidly turning into a textbook example of how multiculturalism works in the real world. Unfortunately, it is one of many different examples. The rank and file of the politically correct progressives, simply can’t wrap their minds around a very simply concept. When you place two or more vastly different cultures under the same roof, sparks will fly. It’s inevitable. If you look at any nation in world with more than one culture within its borders, you will see violence.

Some nations manage to keep these social pressures under control, and only experience brief bouts of crazed violence.

Others frequently find themselves broiled in sectarian violence and civil wars. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as Canada or Switzerland. However, their largest ethnic groups still have a shared European history, and they are economically prosperous.

When everyone has the ability to succeed in these societies, sectarian tensions fall by the wayside. The moment you take that prosperity away, or if the cultures in question are simply incompatible, they will fight each other at some point.

The million plus refugees that have arrived in Germany over the past year, fall under both of these categories. They will be neither prosperous nor compatible. If previous immigrant groups are any indication, such as the migrant wave of Turks that arrived on work visas several decades ago, then this new batch of refugees will be a massive of failure. There are 3 million Turks living in Germany, many of them second or third generation. They are largely poor, uneducated, dependent on welfare, and restricted to self-imposedurban ghettos. By and large they have failed to integrate or adopt German culture in any way.

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  • Rob

    The leaders know exactly what would happen.For one thing all these countries are broke only held together by fraud and criminality now,your going to feed and house these killers and rapists ?

    This is about destruction of every fricken thing on the planet only the leaders do not have the balls to do it themselves so, they get their young soldiers to do the dirty work
    Yea,they just stand and watch as proven in Cologne unless you are a law abiding individual then,they will try their best to kill YOU.

    This is on you supposed leaders.With all this going on you think intelligent people are to give up their guns that 250,000,000 already have.

    Yes of course they will.

  • Christine

    There goes… NATO! One country at a time. Washington must be livid!

    “Greek parliament ratifies supply deal for Russian military products
    Greece’s MPs have ratified an agreement to buy Russian military products, RIA-Novosti has reported. The move was supported by all of the parties in the parliament, except the abstaining Communists. The deal was signed on December 3, 2013, but its ratification was delayed due to shifts in the Greek government. According to the agreement, which will be valid for the next five years, Greece is forbidden from reselling or passing Russian military equipment to third parties without the consent of Moscow.”

  • Christine

    “Using the pretext of alleged incidents of sexual harassment in Köln (Cologne), the German media has launched a hysterical, racist campaign against millions of immigrants and Muslims.

    On New Year’s Eve, thousands of people gathered in Köln and in other major cities throughout Germany to celebrate the holiday. The next day, police issued a press release stating that there was a “festive mood” at the celebrations and that the atmosphere that evening was “overall peaceful.”

    However, one day later, a second statement was issued that referred for the first time to alleged attacks on women. On January 5, Köln’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU)-backed Mayor Henriette Reker said at a press conference that there was “no evidence that people who are residing in Köln as refugees are amongst the perpetrators.”

    Suddenly, the media exploded with allegations of mass sexual abuse, setting into motion a hysterical campaign directed against the immigrant population. On January 7, anonymous police officers told the media that “most” of those suspected were migrants. A January 8 report by the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced that out of 31 suspects, 18 were refugees. Among the suspects were two Germans and an American.

    It was not until the period between January 8 and January 10 that the number of those alleging sexual harassment rose from 170 to over 400. So far, only two people have been arrested, and they have been released.

    What actually occurred in Köln is not yet known. Some reports point to a provocation. Various international media outlets, including CNN, have reported that at least one undercover police agent had infiltrated the crowd and later reported she was assaulted.”

    The Empire is collapsing and will NOT go peacefully. The idea of the Empire is to create maximum chaos worldwide, create leadership vacuums everywhere and… fill them while everyone is busy killing each other. If people and populations don’t stop and think about 70 years of hegemonic M.O. amply documented, they will deserve what they get.

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